By: Anastasia Dvoryanchikova (Reporter)

What gives you a taste of real life? When do you get to explore the depth of your curiosity? When do you get valuable experience from your curiosity? The answer is simple: internships. Imagine a filmmaker who wants to launch a movie, keeping the concept in one’s head will prevent the project from materializing. A filmmakers project needs to undergo active filming at various locations followed by editing until it becomes a complete story. The same applies when we think about our future careers. Despite all hypotheses, preconceived notions about our interests, and research, we lack the practical application that can link our desires to our future path.

From the perspective of my recent experience in an internship, I want to emphasize how much they broaden your horizons. During our March 2018 spring break, I had an opportunity to work in an internship at CEG Cambridge. I brought my own passion for filming in working with the marketing department on upcoming projects. When you get to work with professionals, they can become your mentors, who provide guidance better than guidelines or textbooks. One day, while I was out in London working with a freelance videographer he provided me with greater clarity and many suggestions on how to be a visual storyteller. It was an amazing experience to gain knowledge and skill through mentored experience. My internship taught me to stay open minded about every opportunity and be a good back-up when people need you. Through my internship my ultimate goal of gaining valuable experience was achieved.

As high school students, we tend to focus on our academics and theory rather than practical real life solutions to problems. When high school or college is over life moves on;  I, for one, do not want to be left behind the ongoing process of reality in the larger world. Everyone one of us is a filmmaker that needs to go beyond an idea and test how their personal interests and skill sets match with potential careers outside of the classroom. An internship is a great way to connect with the larger world while you are still in school.

In order to test our prospective career field, we need to try ourselves out, and one of the most accessible ways is through landing an internship. If you are eager to get a constructive feedback, have a glance into possible career paths, and rise above the school routine, it is highly recommended that you consider pursuing an internship.