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Martha’s Vineyard Trip Recap

By: Nuray Salina

On September 16th, many CATS Academy students took advantage of an exciting opportunity to travel to Martha’s Vineyard island.

Martha’s Vineyard is an affluent island located south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, which is known for being a prominent American summer vacation destination. The island includes the smaller Chappaquiddick Island, which is usually connected to the Vineyard, though storms and hurricanes have been known to separate the two. The last such separation of the island was in 2007 and the two islands are again connected as of April2, 2017.

Students had a 30-minute trip from the harbor to the island by boat. When students arrived, they gathered into groups to see the sights of the island. My group and I started our excursion by watching the seaside. We walked near the beach, and enjoyed the silence the mist over the water and of the quiet atmosphere of that place. After that we went to see the sights of this island-town. We saw a little lake in the center of the island, visited several festivals and bought souvenirs. We really liked the calm, but at the same time cheerful spirit of Martha’s Vineyard.

Dwellers of this place are mostly people who enjoy a quiet life in a small town. People there were really hospitable and friendly. The architecture of this city is very specific, houses look to me to be designed like Disney’s castles.

At the end of our adventure my group and I went to a park near the sea. There we played games, met our friends and simply had a good time.

Everybody seemed to find Martha’s Vineyard a very picturesque and peaceful place and returns to CATS with pleasant memories of our trip.


Student President Nina Sunago Message

By: Nina Sunago

The Student Government was founded last year with the main goal of representing the student body. What started off with only 20 participants has now grown into an enthusiastic and capable council of over 50 participants.

Since the election, I have been asked by many CATS students about how I am going to represent the CATS community to my utmost ability. My answer is simple: I will be the voice to the student body of CATS Boston.

So in particular, what am I doing? My trusted vice president Veronika Mikhaylyo, Professor Mike, members of Student Government, and I are focusing on building a better community which will be shaped to the students’ real needs. This means that we are working towards enhancing sporting events, parties, community service trips, fundraising for charity, and much more. We are setting our goals for the year with all student government members.

But we cannot do this alone. We need the students of CATS, our friends and associates, to be a part of this wonderful experience together. I want every individual to know that they are represented in our school, and that was why I ran for Class President. I cannot guarantee you the future of all my proposals, yet I can promise one thing for sure: we will do whatever it takes for students to be heard. My hope is we all leave this campus saying: “I am proud of studying in CATS Academy”, and we’re half way there just by dreaming of it.

Festive Fall Fashions

By: Nurary Salina

Most American schools don’t require students to wear uniform in school and CATS Academy Boston is not an exception. Students are perfectly happy with this because they can wear clothes they like or find comfortable (and that conform with Dean Doyle’s dress policy). A lot of famous luxury fashion brands such as, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton recommend keeping office style in terms of choosing school outfits. Following this recommendation, you can easily look stylish, professional, and modern all at once throughout the school year.

Today, I want to talk about the fashion trends to keep in mind for the fall season. I hope this will help you achieve your style and comfort.

The most popular trends of the fall season now are bright, creative outfits, which give you the ability to present yourself and your outfit in the best way.

Popular fabrics to look for are: leather, suede, denim, velvet. A combination of fabrics is welcomed during the fall foliage.

To add originality and brightness to your attire, you may use decorations for your clothes, such as fur finish, ruffles, sequins, flounces and frill. It would be a great decision if you wear a simple white T-shirt and add fur strips on sleeves.

If you want to look up-to-date, then you should probably know that khaki, burgundy, terracotta, red, golden, purple, yellow, brown, pink, deep green colors are the most relevant in this season. Black is not considered a trendy color because fashion experts think that it is dull for fall and spring. But if you are a fan of dark colors, you may use brown or dark blue shades instead of black.

The spirit of 1970s and 1980s will be especially felt this season. Look for the acid shades, metallic shine, asymmetry, floral prints, hippy style, loose silhouettes, denim and length midi to dominate this fall. I hope to see some of you stepping out in some of the trendy looks this fall.

Cheerleading Comes to CATS!

By: Aleksandra Chernysheva

As years go by, the CATS Boston community does not stop improving: last year we moved to a new campus, built new facilities for sports, we established the school newspaper, and created a student government. This year we intend to do even more.  Among our early but very significant achievements is our first CATS cheerleading team!

It was created by two of our students: Veronika Mikhaylyo (Ukraine) and Nina Sunago (Brazil). Last year they also had the ambition to create a cheerleading team, and their performance at the basketball game was outstanding. This year, it will be even better!

What has actually been done to make the team organization better? First, we  have a professional coach this year, who will guide the team. Second, cheerleading will start at the beginning of the school year, as opposed to the last year.

This year the team will practice twice a week: on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in the gym.

You may be wondering, do you have to have certain skills in order to sign up for cheerleading? There are no special skills required, but you should be willing to commit and work hard in order to raise the school spirit.

Why join the cheerleading team? First, it’s good for your flexibility, grace, and physical health. Second, it raises the school spirit, and you can also make new friends. Last, it looks good to colleges that you have been a part of a community building activity(we all know that’s pretty important).

We are looking for  new people who are excited to join us. If you are interested, feel free to contact Nina, Veronika, or Mr. Wilkins.

Are You Just Getting By? (Tips to Help All Students)

By: Howard Ng

It is not easy to do your best when you are overwhelmed, especially in school, every person has great potential to do well.  Are you simply just too reluctant to stand up in class but realize you could do it? If you want do the best that you can with the gifts that you have then you may be ready to receive some expert advice that could help you perform better and in class. Most of these tips are recommended by teachers and they may be simple or unusual, but they really work!

Mr. Angell, Head of Schoool- “Ask teachers questions, as many as you can, go ask for help”  

  • Although this tip, recommended by Mr. Angell, seems simple, we may have a rather hard time trying to do these things. If you’re a timorous person, fearing that teachers or your peers will criticize you for asking the wrong question, or fear of asking a question that other students have already asked, then that idea in your mind is a total misconception. According to Mr. Angell, “Teachers love you guys to ask questions” if you don’t ask questions, you would have to spend a hefty amount of time to google it yourself and sometimes you still don’t get helpful information. If you ask questions, you can get them answered very quickly.   If you still don’t get it, don’t hesitate or be afraid to ask again until you fully understand the answer. Spend a bit of time and ask your teacher, they are very willing and enthusiastic to help you.

“Measure twice, cut once.” from Mr. Coon, Science and ESL teacher

  • This idiom tells us to essentially spend more time before turning in work, to check twice before submitting a final product. This practice minimizes your chance of making mistakes. It is indeed a fundamental concept that, if we simply spend a little more time, we get better quality work and your teacher will in turn give you a jubilant smile. This could be interpreted as not waiting and spending all night on our essays the day before it is due.  That just really creates panic and anxiety and you cannot really do your best work or refine your work. By taking more time, separating your assignment into parts and making sure to “measure twice” (looking back at it)  basically doing bits of it everyday, you will be putting top quality work into everything for which you will get what you pay for.

There you go! Follow these tips and make the most of them and you will see for yourself a more confident student and, most importantly, you will demonstrate your true potential in class.

Life Hacks in the Dorms

By: Howard Ng

Although some of you may agree that the dorms are just looking fine and there is nothing you can possibly do to improve it, there are actually a handful of cool tricks and “Lifehacks” that you can consider to make your experience in the dorm fun and memorable.

  1. Placing dryer sheets on your A/C:
  • Sometimes your room smells after leaving your windows closed, and the most you can do is buy a pricey air freshener to remove the smell in your room. Alternatively, you can use dryer sheets and tape them onto your air conditioner and it is a cheap and creative way to freshen up your room.
  1. Place your phone in a glass to amplify sound:
  • If you are an oversleeper, you should really consider this trick. Simply, place your phone in a glass cup and turn the speaker side towards the bottom of the glass and that acts as a mini alarm clock, in which you can use to make your alarm louder so the dorm parents don’t have to wake you up again!
  1. Set your lock screen to your class schedule!
  • Are you always getting late to class? Having a peek at your student portal before your next class or checking the paper schedule that CATS handed to you at the start of the year is just not “elaborate” enough! Simply, take a picture of your schedule (horizontal picture is recommended) and crop the background then set it to your lock screen. Now you know where you should be going, no more lateness should be expected from you!
  1. Don’t throw away your cardboard boxes, use them for your shoes!
  • Every time you buy stuff online that comes in a box and wonder what to do with the it, in this case, you can actually reuse them and place your shoes in them. Use a longer box that has the width of the length of your shoes and that you can probably fit a few shoes in it. Ain’t it easy, instead using a shoe rack, you can use your boxes and possibly decorate them to make them look fancy, you can even slide them under your bed!

CATS Academy Boston Prom 2017

By: Jackie Kovalcin

With the theme “Masquerade Ball” and  title “A Night of Elegance”, the prom had high expectations. And although I can only speak for myself, I’m sure everyone would agree that it went above and beyond in every way possible. It was truly a night of elegance. Prom 2017 was night of beautiful people, great music (especially Miron and Ha), lots of dancing, and a million photographs. From the delicious catering, going all out on the  dance floor, to the photos we’ll have forever, it’s easy to say we made the prom memorable night.

None of this could’ve been done without the Senior Prom Planning Committee who did everything from selecting the location to making sure there was a photo booth for our enjoyment. So for all your hard work, thank you. In addition to live music to kick off the dancing, we were treated to a heart-warming speech given by Jeungsoo Noh, a senior of four years here at CATS Academy, who introduced himself to the crowd as “Jeungsoo the Great”.

And a special congratulations to our prom king and queen Julliana Aya and Luigi Michelin!

Black Spring Fashion Show

By: Aleksandra Chernysheva

On April 27th, Ms. Jacobson and her amazing fashion students (both from intro and advanced classes) were happy to present their work in a fashion show called “Black Spring.”

Let’s think about what’s a fashion show. Fashion is art, which makes fashion show an exhibition, but an exhibition of what? Of beauty! It does not matter what is exhibited as long as it is beautiful (to my personal understanding). This idea was wholly embodied by Ms. Jacobson. There was every possible kind of beauty: beauty of clothes, beauty of models, beauty of music and dance, and beauty of atmosphere and mood.

By the way, atmosphere was one of the greatest attributes about this fashion show. It was absolutely identical to those professional ones that take place in Milan, Paris with the superstars in the first rows in terms of the effort that was put into it and the pre-performance preparations. However, at the same time the atmosphere wasn’t as disturbing: on the contrary, it was warm, soft, and cozy. We did not even need the superstars or the Victoria Secret models to create our own perfect show. This light professionalism and nervous tranquility, I thought, was fascinating.

I also think that Ms. Jacobson’s classes made a great improvement since the “DiverCity” fashion show last semester. Thanks to Gabby and her new-fashion dress, the fashion lab and the innovation lab are connected now. Thanks to Riya, Gigi, and Lina, who made a fashion show focused not solely on fashion, and thanks to Maya and Gabriel, who enlivened the performance with the pair-walk.

I got the chance to talk to two of Ms. Jacobson’s students about what they found was the best part of the fashion show.

  • “I think that the best part of the fashion show was the making of garments, because I could cooperate with my friends, share the ideas, and simply have fun.”- Maya Alarcon
  • “I think that the best part was that people, who have never sewn on the sewing machine were making their own clothe, their own brands like Gabriel’s dress, Jeung Soo’s design.”- Jeung Soo Noh

School Year in the Rearview Mirror

By: Jennifer Phan

This has been a year of great changes for our school. The much anticipated location move brought with it a thrilling new beginning laden with possibilities and challenges. Registration problems, schedule conflicts, room assignment mishaps, and settling down in general made the first couple of weeks hectic for everyone. But with patience and collaboration these issues were overcome, and the school year is thus set into motion. The school’s first elected student government as well as returning student ambassadors and peer mentors set the precedent for student leadership on the new campus through untiring enthusiasm and responsibility. The many school activities, trips, dances, and especially the energizing spirit week helped foster a sense of community among students from varied backgrounds and different cultures. This diversity was celebrated through student-led initiatives ranging from mixing dinners, positive messages on posters and murals, awareness-raising presentations, to school-wide participation in the Culture Fair and the Day of Silence. Diversity in passion and talents also had the chance to shine in the many spectacular exhibitions, fashion shows, and concerts: the Community Art Exhibition, Spring Fling, CATS Café, Open Mic, Black Spring, The Sun Arrives Later, and Once on This Island are just a few to name.

This has also been a year of great changes for me.  The much dreaded college application brought with it many trials and tribulations and some triumphs.  Apart from the standard senior struggles – juggling academics, extra-curricular, college application, (what’s left of) my social life, and sleep, this year has also taught me to have patience, for myself and for others, and perseverance, for the now and for the future. Looking back on the road I have taken, I can only say that objects in mirror are closer than they appear. The past seems so distant, yet so present; so much has happened, is two years even a long time?

CATS has been an intersection for my paths and those of the people who I have grown to know and love, and for this I will always be grateful. However, it is time for me to part with them and with CATS, and this is made all the harder knowing that for some this is our last goodbye. But I think I am ready. Not because I do not treasure my time here, for this has been the best and worst two years of life (a grand claim for someone who has yet to live twenty). I am ready because the past two years have prepared me, to the best of my ability, for what is ahead.

It has been quite a ride (at certain points, quite literally). Next stop: ?

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