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Festive Fall Fashions

By: Nurary Salina

Most American schools don’t require students to wear uniform in school and CATS Academy Boston is not an exception. Students are perfectly happy with this because they can wear clothes they like or find comfortable (and that conform with Dean Doyle’s dress policy). A lot of famous luxury fashion brands such as, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton recommend keeping office style in terms of choosing school outfits. Following this recommendation, you can easily look stylish, professional, and modern all at once throughout the school year.

Today, I want to talk about the fashion trends to keep in mind for the fall season. I hope this will help you achieve your style and comfort.

The most popular trends of the fall season now are bright, creative outfits, which give you the ability to present yourself and your outfit in the best way.

Popular fabrics to look for are: leather, suede, denim, velvet. A combination of fabrics is welcomed during the fall foliage.

To add originality and brightness to your attire, you may use decorations for your clothes, such as fur finish, ruffles, sequins, flounces and frill. It would be a great decision if you wear a simple white T-shirt and add fur strips on sleeves.

If you want to look up-to-date, then you should probably know that khaki, burgundy, terracotta, red, golden, purple, yellow, brown, pink, deep green colors are the most relevant in this season. Black is not considered a trendy color because fashion experts think that it is dull for fall and spring. But if you are a fan of dark colors, you may use brown or dark blue shades instead of black.

The spirit of 1970s and 1980s will be especially felt this season. Look for the acid shades, metallic shine, asymmetry, floral prints, hippy style, loose silhouettes, denim and length midi to dominate this fall. I hope to see some of you stepping out in some of the trendy looks this fall.


Metamorphoses- A Contemporary and Intricate CATS Theatre Production

By: Amber Nguyen

Metamorphoses – a collection of Greek Mythologies – with its tales of symbolism and enrapture imageries has come to CATS Boston. The Fall Play directed by Mr. Nathaniel Punches will be a re-telling of these famous stories with an infusion of modern elements. Based on the script written by Mary Zimmerman, the stories of love in various forms will captivate the inner sentiments of viewers. With contributions from many different departments, costumes, music and staging. The play will open on December 8th.

The cast of the show is extremely enthusiastic. Their presence and dedication to their roles brings forth the distinctive psyches of the characters. Seeing how they interact on and off stage gave a sense of energy so fresh it transpired into every line and action. Working with them on stage was not solely about performing, but largely about living the part itself. The play requires the delicate skill of emotion portrayal, and the cast deliveres. There is a rawness in delivery in some scenes, which gives something more natural to the presentations. With a rigorous schedule, the cast is working to their utmost potential to build the play step by step.

Indeed, a show cannot function smoothly without the people who manage everything that happens on the stage. Their job is challenging and interesting. They get involved by making sure every contributing factor to the play such as costumes, music, lighting, and even publicly are ready and on time with top quality. They manage every stride of the production from small to large, determined to bring out the best in the play. Sabrina Kuo– a dedicated stage manager – provided some insights to her role in the play:

“Mostly, I’m working on the schedule for costumes and backstage; but sometimes, I’ll get into the acting work and make sure the cast are working very well and memorizing their lines. The most challenging part, I would say, is to connect with everyone for the overall schedule because some have conflicts with their other activities…I won’t talk about the storyline because there are many separated stories in this play; but I like the play. It’s about love, all kinds of love, about money or romantic love. I really like it (laughs). The thing I enjoy the most about being a stage manager is the ability to connect to people. It’s hard, but it also makes me really happy because I can learn a lot from people, knowing what their personalities are, and making new friends.”

As the school year begins to pick up its pace, so are the creative art projects of CATS Academy Boston. Metamorphoses is the opening shot to this year’s theatre productions aiming for a new take on some complex and surreal ideas regarding love in many forms. It is highly anticipated – and rightfully so – as the premiere date is not far off. Hopefully, the hard work and commitment from every department working on the show will pay off as Metamorphoses take the stage on the 8th and 9th of December.

School Year in the Rearview Mirror

By: Jennifer Phan

This has been a year of great changes for our school. The much anticipated location move brought with it a thrilling new beginning laden with possibilities and challenges. Registration problems, schedule conflicts, room assignment mishaps, and settling down in general made the first couple of weeks hectic for everyone. But with patience and collaboration these issues were overcome, and the school year is thus set into motion. The school’s first elected student government as well as returning student ambassadors and peer mentors set the precedent for student leadership on the new campus through untiring enthusiasm and responsibility. The many school activities, trips, dances, and especially the energizing spirit week helped foster a sense of community among students from varied backgrounds and different cultures. This diversity was celebrated through student-led initiatives ranging from mixing dinners, positive messages on posters and murals, awareness-raising presentations, to school-wide participation in the Culture Fair and the Day of Silence. Diversity in passion and talents also had the chance to shine in the many spectacular exhibitions, fashion shows, and concerts: the Community Art Exhibition, Spring Fling, CATS Café, Open Mic, Black Spring, The Sun Arrives Later, and Once on This Island are just a few to name.

This has also been a year of great changes for me.  The much dreaded college application brought with it many trials and tribulations and some triumphs.  Apart from the standard senior struggles – juggling academics, extra-curricular, college application, (what’s left of) my social life, and sleep, this year has also taught me to have patience, for myself and for others, and perseverance, for the now and for the future. Looking back on the road I have taken, I can only say that objects in mirror are closer than they appear. The past seems so distant, yet so present; so much has happened, is two years even a long time?

CATS has been an intersection for my paths and those of the people who I have grown to know and love, and for this I will always be grateful. However, it is time for me to part with them and with CATS, and this is made all the harder knowing that for some this is our last goodbye. But I think I am ready. Not because I do not treasure my time here, for this has been the best and worst two years of life (a grand claim for someone who has yet to live twenty). I am ready because the past two years have prepared me, to the best of my ability, for what is ahead.

It has been quite a ride (at certain points, quite literally). Next stop: ?

Survival Guide: How to Survive Summer

By: Jackie Kovalcin

With our days dwindling down here at CATS Academy and finals week only a few nights away, it’s easy to catch yourself day dreaming about what summer 2017 will hold. Bonfires, beach trips, and barbecues will soon be the consistency of your days. It has been an honor to write survival guides for this newspaper of ours. Here’s to what is to come, and the amazing things we’ve survived as a community this year.

Stay cool, fool: Global warming is on the rise, and this summer, you’re going to need to be prepared for it. Keep the air conditioning on, ice pops in the freezer, and a pool nearby.

Keep in touch: What a year it has been. Who would you be without the friends-turned-family you made this year? When you eat three meals a day and live with your friends at school, it is a team effort to make it through exams, weekend adventures, and daily life. There’s a certain type of bond you make with the people here at CATS, different than any other. That bond is worth maintaining, trust me. Keep up with WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, and if you want to be old-school, you could even write a letter.

Have a bunch of fun: These are your months. These three (more or less) months are the only time you are free from the reign of school, teachers, study hours, and homework. Take advantage of this time, and challenge yourself to have the most fun (safe fun, of course) as possible. Travel with your family, try a new sport, hike a new mountain. Create memories.

Write something: This may not be as tempting as the other tips, but I guarantee you that you will thank yourself later. This experience you had during your time here at CATS is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And you made the most of it. Write down your favorite memories on the backs of photos, start a journal, start a blog, make a list of names you never want to forget. For example, at the end of every school year I write a letter to my future self, and each year I love to read what was relevant in my life a year ago. I would recommend it to anyone.

Newspaper & Hopes for Next Year!

By: Dima Zhuravel

Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading the last issue of our newspaper this academic year. Our school newspaper was created not so long ago, but thanks to wonderful people Mr. Walecka, Mrs. Bowen, Gabby, Jackie, Sasha, Tristan, Shirley, Brian, and Jennifer, we did a great job and achieved considerable success. We would also like to thank you, the reader, for your support. Although some of these wonderful people will not be back next year, we want to wish every one of them and you, the reader, the best summer and success in life.

For those who are returning next school year, we want to inform you that our team will continue to publish thoughtful and engaging articles. We will be happy to hear from each of you on your opinion about the paper and issues of student interest. Perhaps we will even welcome you as a new member of our team. Again, thank you for reading our newspaper and we look forward to seeing you in the fall!



CATS Academy Courier Newspaper Team

Life Lessons

By: Gabriela Santana

Perhaps my favorite part of going to school in the United States was riding the yellow bus from West Roxbury to our old campus in Newton. Although I realize this may not have been my peer’s favorite part of the day, and it is now it more comfortable to wake up at 7 am and dash for breakfast, I think riding the bus makes a great point. Seeing the exact same houses, same forest, same signs, people, and buses, except for a slow changing season occasionally, taught me something about perspective. If I decided, I would change my playlist to the most depressing music ever composed or I could find the happiest of the 80’s and 90’s remixes. The decision was always mine and I could choose my mood for that morning and probably for the whole day. What I want to get across is that we always have the choice―or so we hope we keep living in a free society.

I don’t want to give you, the Courier’s faithful audience, a biography of my life here at CATS, but most certainly I will tell you that I never encountered so many challenges in my life before. Yes, we all share the experience of living away from home―missing the burrito nights, pasta, and in my case, the mango season―, we all have had, or not, challenging classes, or relationships with others, and with all these challenges, you will, most certainly encounter failing. And I don’t know about you, but failure is what keeps me awake, despite my desperate experiments with hot chocolate the night before an important exam. Yet, we all ought to think differently about failure.

I am not pampering anybody into believing that failure is good–it is not, nobody wants to fail, but, we must see it through different eyes. When people say that practice makes the master―I know we had heard it too many times―they do mean it, or so we hope. One thing I wish I had learned my sophomore year is that people are not inherently good at everything. My mom used to say that none of us is born walking. Be foolishly perseverant, that’s my advice. So, when you receive that next SAT score, if you want a better grade, look at the details. Ask yourself what you did wrong this time. Be patient with yourself; don’t diminish yourself, for no one learns under pressure. The value of failure is that it makes us understand the privilege of what we have now.

When I first came to CATS, on my first assignment ever, I got a C. Those who remember this incident will most certainly remember that I lost it. I was ready to pack my stuff after two weeks (I am not dramatic, right?). I did go over it and did pass the class, but sometimes the class that you think you are ready to give up in is certainly the one you will enjoy the most. Try everything, really, I never tried fashion, theatre, robotics, being a leader, calculus, economics, biology, or rhetorical analysis before coming to CATS. These amazing teachers, despite their enthusiasm for homework, tests and projects, are some of the most passionate people I have met. Their love for their subject really pours out of their bodies. Learn from them, try it all. And fail, and repeat your mistakes again, and again, until they become your strengths.

As I said, I am not pampering anybody, failure hurts but it is easy to stop and hard to keep moving. I am not an example of a highly successful and perseverant student. I am still living by my sermon, but I hope you take something out of this as I hope I have. I am sure I will get there. I am sure you will get there.

To my teachers, thank you for being there all through my endless rants, for taking time to explain, for believing in me, and trying the wildest of my ideas. To you, my friends, Class of 2017, let’s fail! -Gabriela Santana , Class of 2017

Six Flags an Awesome Trip: Interview with Vuong Tran

Photo Source: Theme Park Review

By:  Brian Nguyen

“After spending a second on my very first roller coaster, I knew it was the greatest school trip this school year.” – Hieu Tran on our great trip to Six Flags.

What did you think about Six Flags trip for freshmen through juniors?

“I really liked the thrill rides.  I found out there was Six Flags near Boston when I came to CATS during the first month. At the beginning of the school year, Mr. Angell told us that we would have a trip to Six Flags at the end of the year. I have waited quite long, but the wait was worth it.”

What rides did you spend time on? And what was your favorite?

“I spent all of my time on roller coasters, primarily Goliath, Mind Eraser, Scream, Superman and Wicked Cyclone. The Wicked Cyclone was the one I liked most.  I wasn’t as “thrilled” by the Superman ride, but I still liked it. I went on Wicked Cyclone many times; when I had to leave, I wished I could have more time, even 30 minutes to continue riding it with my friends.”

What did you think after spending the day there?

“I really want to say thanks to CATS, for offering this trip to the students. I feel sorry for students who didn’t have a chance to go on this trip. I will be here next year, so I really hope CATS will offer this trip again for all students. If Mr. Angell announces that we will have a Six Flags trip again, there’ll be no words to describe my joy!”

How to Stay in Touch with Friends

By: Tristan Fornari Hospital

As the end of the year approaches, a major concern most of the students in the CATS Academy Boston community have is how we are going to be able to stay in touch with our friends from all over the world. Since CATS is an international school and some students are not coming back year, many of us get instantly sad that we will not be able to see each other again and we will be losing a true friendship. Fortunately, the year is 2017 and with social media staying in touch is easier than ever. Here are a few ways to stay in touch with your friends:

  • Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Other Social Media Platforms: These social media platforms give you the ability to talk everyday with your friends. This approach will help you feel as if you never left them and will allow you to see what you friends are up to through pictures or videos online.
  • Put In the Work: Of course this whole process of keeping in touch is not easy and there will need to be an effort from both sides. My advice is to keep social media updated and try to talk to them when you have free time. This may be challenging because of the time differences, but there is always a good time in the day to update your friends!
  • Visit Your Friends: Although not everyone can afford to travel on a regular basis, try to travel as much as possible during breaks throughout the year. The importance of visiting your friends face to face is a way to ensure your friendships around the globe.

“Summer Night” (Short Story)

By: Thu Huong Nguyen (Amber)

It is, at most, twelve at night. The heat got to her face after roaming through her entire body, leaving the pale shade of her skin a notch pinker. The sound of the commonly-busy street in front of her apartment has now become dead, as if it was engulfed by the midnight falling mercilessly onto her shoulders. Her eyes wandering endlessly, further than the sky bounding the limit of a lifetime. Without any expression – and with her back leaning against the wall on her bed, to the right of the balcony – she sighs as though the stars are bothering her, and she wants them to be gone. Music is softly playing through the speakers on the table to her left side – a lo-fi electronica song with the hint of a summer’s ending. The night is too luminous, inviting her to stay awake – as though to ease her ever-growing fear of a nonsensical, vivid end – to these hazy nights, and to something much larger than what she can bare.

Within the turning of the inevitable, it is – so she thought – the right time to reminisce the past few years of her life. With the floodlights all shining brightly, she would frequently hold her breath and count to twenty. The internal motion would, in turn, calm her racing heart just enough for her to start the solo she had been performing smoothly for over a year on that very same stage. An eleven-minute musical number starring a twenty-year-old beauty from England – a foreign land with a polished accent – captivated the audience more than it should have. Therefore, ‘the belle’ – as they adoringly, whilst making the word sounded so mediocre by the way they pronounced it, called her – got to herself three main performances in the unoriginal play of a princess falling for a tragic love story. Typical Broadway in the typical weekend nights, she lived a typical life of a trapped soul – not touchable nor savable, wandering around the same place: same house, same bars, same streets, and same restaurants, at the same time. A fixed mechanism of a rusting train running right on schedule every day – and it bored her to death from deep within.

Luckily – yet more ironically – time seems to stop for a while at this exact moment, as she thinks of her. A too-young-for-her-age and mediocre-looking woman of twenty-six. Not unlike the script she had acted out more than thirty times, she fell – this time sincerely – for the eyes abnormally dazzling. They met once in her usual café, not with their sights, but rather with their hearings. The word ‘belle’ came up as natural as ever from the tip of a native tongue startled her. She turned around only to be dazed by the hypnotising light reflected in those emerald orbs – complimented by the rays of golden sunlight that is much more than what her ‘life’ revolved around. Three full minutes passed in a blink of an eye, but neither of their eyes closed in front of the image of the other. ‘Belle’ – it sounded again, pulling her out of the warm and tingling sensation that was – at the time – much unusual for her. It wasn’t merely her name the pretty mouth was calling. It was her. She was calling out to her. A four-letter word was what the person spelt out, and that same word was what she heard. Though, every magnificent and exquisite things are known to be short-lived. This one was no different. It ended abruptly after five weeks of roaming through a different life together under the gaslights with a truck, the sight of overflowing garnet, and the sound of sirens. Leaning against the balcony one summer night, with everything familiar turning into illusory enemies, she held her breath again, wasting exactly fifty seconds before almost passing out.

So she went back to the inevitable. Where she is right now is where she is meant to be from the beginning. Waiting for sunrise to come follow, a tranquil moment before this calm and cleansing night ends. The mixing of emotions into a huge mess, interleaving with numbness was distant to her until now. She was herself, but no longer herself. Wasting a huge amount of time for something that she can never keep – she feels the urge to make up for all the work she has left unattended – the style of living that would constantly drive her mad. Not that she isn’t mad, now that everything has fallen back to their fixed places. ‘Now’ is just a more gentle, more subtle madness, sugar-coated with the sound of the old wooden clock ticking away every second. From behind the mask of this kind summer night, a hand will be reaching out to firmly place its grab around her neck. She won’t fight it, naturally. The strange acceptance to what needs to be done does not come from a friend; it comes from a foe. And whether or not the fear is real, nothing really matters in the end. With the internal struggle that is tearing her will apart, she quietly sits and observes the turning of time, while the soothing voice of fate whispers something bitter – yet inaudible – into her ears within nine seconds – before Belsomra kicks in.

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