By: Helena Fauvel (Reporter)

On Thursday, April 12th, our colleges counsellors took juniors to a college fair at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. The fair was an incredible experience for all students who dream of attending college in the United States.

From my own experience, the fair was a great place to explore options for my professional future as well as for my college options.  There I also discovered the option of taking a gap year and how this might affect my academic life. The fair included more than 100 representatives from colleges around the world. These representatives were very helpful in guiding students about the majors and services their colleges offer.

According to CATS student, André Shibata, “The college fair was fairly interesting, certainly more than my initial thoughts. I expected a tiring experience with crowded booths which was definitely not [the experience] I had. I believe that it helped me to decide my safety colleges and provided me with rather valuable information that I will likely use when I choose my college. ”

The college fair allowed CATS’ students to take a broader view of their academic options. Our well-trained college counselors will now help us navigate the next step in the college planning process, which is to create a personalized college list.

Overall, the Boston College Fair was an important step for juniors to get exposed to the endless educational possibilities American universities offer. The opportunity of going to this fair definitely made several juniors to start thinking more about the future that awaits them – and to start preparing for it.