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Black Spring Fashion Show

By: Aleksandra Chernysheva

On April 27th, Ms. Jacobson and her amazing fashion students (both from intro and advanced classes) were happy to present their work in a fashion show called “Black Spring.”

Let’s think about what’s a fashion show. Fashion is art, which makes fashion show an exhibition, but an exhibition of what? Of beauty! It does not matter what is exhibited as long as it is beautiful (to my personal understanding). This idea was wholly embodied by Ms. Jacobson. There was every possible kind of beauty: beauty of clothes, beauty of models, beauty of music and dance, and beauty of atmosphere and mood.

By the way, atmosphere was one of the greatest attributes about this fashion show. It was absolutely identical to those professional ones that take place in Milan, Paris with the superstars in the first rows in terms of the effort that was put into it and the pre-performance preparations. However, at the same time the atmosphere wasn’t as disturbing: on the contrary, it was warm, soft, and cozy. We did not even need the superstars or the Victoria Secret models to create our own perfect show. This light professionalism and nervous tranquility, I thought, was fascinating.

I also think that Ms. Jacobson’s classes made a great improvement since the “DiverCity” fashion show last semester. Thanks to Gabby and her new-fashion dress, the fashion lab and the innovation lab are connected now. Thanks to Riya, Gigi, and Lina, who made a fashion show focused not solely on fashion, and thanks to Maya and Gabriel, who enlivened the performance with the pair-walk.

I got the chance to talk to two of Ms. Jacobson’s students about what they found was the best part of the fashion show.

  • “I think that the best part of the fashion show was the making of garments, because I could cooperate with my friends, share the ideas, and simply have fun.”- Maya Alarcon
  • “I think that the best part was that people, who have never sewn on the sewing machine were making their own clothe, their own brands like Gabriel’s dress, Jeung Soo’s design.”- Jeung Soo Noh

Fun at Fiestaval

By: Aleksandra Chernysheva

Fiestaval took place on May 8th and became the first outdoor event after a very long winter season. There were similarities between the Fiestaval and Carnival event in the beginning of the school year with one significant difference. Fiestaval was organized solely by the students.

Maya, Martina, Horacio, Ivanna, and our wonderful student government planned the event, bought small treats for everyone, and decorated the outside area in front of the school. Our CATS band provided musical accompaniment, and Amber (who was also a drummer) performed as a school Dj. The amount of work and effort put into this event really does deserve to be praised. Special credit is also deserved by Professor Mike who helped to organize the event and Ms. Crystal whose dancing and cheering kept everyone upbeat.

“Everything was amazing especially the food, but I would add more activities. I was also very frustrated about the band concert having been cancelled, but there was nothing we could do…” says Mark.


CATS Madness Basketball Tournament

By: Tristan Fornari Hospital

On Friday, April 7th, 2017, the first CATS Madness 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament took place in our state of the art gym during the evening. The event was organized by Math teacher and Student Government Advisor Mr. Mike Cerbarano along with some students from student government. Each of these students’ passion and dedication showed through the success and meticulous organization of the event. The food, entertainment, music, mini-games, a three-point contest, and free throw competition added to the allure of the event.

The event was supported by teachers, staff members, and dorm parents who volunteered to be referees. Their role in helping the event run smoothly cannot be overlooked.

Overall the tournament was a complete success that exceeded all expectations. Mr. Cerbarano was pleasantly surprised that many student spectators came to the tournament to support their friends who were playing. This added to the positive and fun environment of the tournament. Lastly, I want to congratulate all the winners of this major event, Sebastian Uribe Munera, Horacio Ornelas Ramirez, and Guilherme Sousa Pires beating the runners up Weir (Wenzheng) Zhu, Ross (Ganghun) Kwon, and Lo Tsz Fung. Ultimately, the whole CATS Academy community deserves credit for being supportive of this wonderful event.

Transitioning to Spring Sports


By: Tristan Fornari Hospital

This past Thursday, February 23, marked the culmination of the indoor sports’ season with the Sports Banquet for the crew, girls’ basketball, and boys’ basketball teams. All of the basketball teams’ struggled through stretches of their schedules, but picked up multiple wins along the way. The Boy’s Varsity Basketball team ended up with a 3-6 record. The Boys’ and Girls’ JV Basketball teams went 2-6 and 3-4 respectively. The crew teams only meet was cancelled due to snowy New England conditions.

Although this chapter of the Winter Season is closed, there is another promising season around the corner and it looks very exciting. After a successful first semester, our soccer and cross country teams will continue to build upon their achievements by coming back stronger. The crew and frisbee teams will also continue to compete this spring.

Many of our students look forward to the upcoming season. “As much as I enjoyed the winter season, I really want spring to come. We can do outdoor sports, which are much more fun for me having more space to run and improve physically,” remarked student Juan Contreras.

In conclusion, after a great winter season of excitement and some success, many students are looking forward to all of the possibilities to succeed during the upcoming Spring Athletic Season.


“The Sun Arrives Late” Performance Arts Play by Santiago Gabian Perez

Gabriela Santana is a senior student here at CATS Academy. She has created a play, which is set in a conformist post-apocalyptic society of people. The play is set in the day to day life of a man named Edward that is trapped in a cycle of monotonous life. He has schizophrenia and also suffers from the repetitive nature of his life. Inside his schizophrenia there’s a disorder associated with him called tainos (a reflection of the most natural side of a person). In the play, Edward meets others with the same problems associated with schizophrenia. These interactions create for a must see play, which will be released in the spring semester of 2017.

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Transitioning to Winter Sports by Tristan Fornari Hospital

As winter is arriving and the first semester is finishing, the outdoor activities season is over, with a great job on the part of the Varsity Soccer and Cross-Country teams. The end of a great season brings the start of a Winter Sports Seasons consisting of Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball and Girls Junior Varsity Basketball.

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