By: Nuray Salina (Lead Reporter)

May is one of the hardest and most important months in the school year at CATS. There some very significant upcoming events, like exams, projects, prom, and graduation; they all require a lot of preparation. Although all the upcoming events can seem overwhelming, they can be managed with success! I came up with the list of things we, CATS students, should to do before the end of the school year.

  1. Closely examine your grades. If you consider some of them low work to improve them before the year’s end. Be proactive on assignments and turn in ones that are missing. Ask teachers for recommendations on how to improve your grade average of you are uncertain how to proceed.
  2. Sign up for the SAT, ACT, or TOEFL exams. This is especially important for juniors and the college search process. These scores will often dictate the colleges we will apply to this coming fall. Prepare for the exams, you will do great!
  3. Start doing rough drafts of term projects. It’s never too soon to start writing our term papers. As soon as you get your projects, start them. You need to save time at the end of the year for finals preparation.
  4. Find an internship or summer program. One way for your college applications to look great is to try to find an internship or summer program. They will help you to enhance your skills and make you summer interesting and hopefully unforgettable!
  5. Stop stressing yourself out. Seriously, stop. Your worries sometimes take even more time than your actions. That’s why when you feel stressed out, stop thinking about the things you need to do and just start them. We all go through challenging times and our success directly depends on taking action not worrying.
  6. If you are a senior, keep your grades up to a B (or better). Otherwise, you will have to take final exams.
  7. On the lighter side, start looking for an outfit for prom or graduation. Check online shops where you can get access to see unique clothes, new collections, and special offers.