By: Dmytro Zhuravel (Founding Member/Reporter)

Each one of us faces a similar question. What do we want to do with the rest of our lives? For some of us, it is a simple question, which we can easily answer. However, if you, the reader, do not know what you want to pursue as a future career option, here are some tips to help decide what you might want to pursue in the future:

  • Your interests. Some people decide their major by taking account their interests in their free time. In other words, which hobbies do you spend your time on? How might these interests relate to a career? Google it. Go to  and research career clusters.
  • Your abilities. If you do not have a favorite hobby, maybe your classroom performance can suggest a future major. Start by asking yourself the  question, “What is my favorite class is at CATS?” Are you good in Math? Science? Art? Literature? Social Studies? Maybe a career field related to one of these subjects is the answer to your future.
  • Future Employability. Another reason why it is important to start thinking about your future major in college is the importance of being able to find employment in your chosen career field. As most of you know, the world changes rapidly and the demand for certain career fields is constantly changing. Check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) at to research job growth in a field you are interested in.
  • Future Potential Income. How much money do I need to live a comfortable life? This is a personal question only you can answer. It is an important question for you to consider. For some it may be important to have more money to spend than others. So, if you plan to take exotic vacations when you start working, the income from the job should be enough to accomplish your goal. The BLS link above will show you the average income in your chosen field.

As a student, I understand how important the decision of what major to choose can be for us; it will influence our future life. However, it is your life and your own decision to make.  It is important to listen to your parents and close friends, but always ask yourself whether you are happy with your decision, it’s your future after all!