By: Nuray Salina (Lead Reporter)

Making new friends and involving yourself in a new social environment can be fun, but also intimidating. It is important to be willing to meet new people and have a positive attitude every day. As CATS students, who live in the dorms on campus, we spend a large amount of time socializing with each other. This interaction helps make us more responsible, open-minded, and adaptable now and for our future lives away from CATS.

Our school provides us with an environment to develop and grow through our interactions with caring teachers, coaches, administrators, and house parents. Despite the friendly environment, some students can have trouble adjusting to new people and new environments. My first recommendation is, don’t worry. It is normal to experience uncertainty in a new environment hundreds, if not thousands of miles away from home.  I have looked at the core of this problem and will give you my thoughts on how to get the most out of your social life at CATS.

An abrupt change, like leaving your home and your parents, has a big effect on everyone. Since most students at CATS are international, we had to leave our home-countries in order to study in the United States. I have noticed this can result in some students feeling lonely or homesick. There are many supports in place at CATS to help you adjust and feel like you are at your second home! Here are some tips to banish the homesick bug:

  1. Involve yourself in the school community. Try to join one of the school’s clubs or organizations, like the student government, or the school newspaper or consider becoming a peer mentor! In this way you can socialize with peers who have similar interests. Fun activities and group projects will help you to become closer to your fellow griffins. Another option is to join a sports team, where you will have fun playing a sport you enjoy while meeting new people.
  2. Try to be positive. Positive people are optimistic, very pleasant to talk with and easily attract new friends. Try to express positive energy everyday. Smiling is an easy way to do this and it makes people want to be around you!
  3. Find people with similar interests. For example, do you and a friend like playing the guitar? Go, and play guitar together. Seek ways to improve your performances together. I know you will enjoy it! Expand your group of friends and add a lot to your social life!

Lastly, know that you are never alone at CATS Academy Boston. There are supports in place at to help you adapt to your new surroundings and develop lifelong friends. Seek out Ms. Reihl, a teacher, house parent, or an administrator if you are having difficulty. They will all be there for you!