By Jackie Kovalcin

For many, the winter months in New England can be the harshest. The freezing weather, snow storms, and flu season can really get people feeling down. Of course, there are a few tips and tricks to make the winter time more bearable. To help you survive your winter in New England, I have listed a few of my favorite tips and tricks learned over the many winter seasons spent on the coast of Maine.

  • Stay moisturized and hydrated: Always keep a tube of chapstick with you throughout the day. This will help prevent the common dry and chapped lips. Often times during these cold and dry winter months our skin will start to dry out. To prevent this, I would recommend putting lotion on the dry spots. Remember to stay hydrated. Try to get your 8 cups of water each day!
  • Get a Netflix account or a library card: Because of the harsh weather conditions, you will be spending more of your time indoors during the winter. In order to keep yourself occupied, sign up for a Netflix account so you can watch movies while it snows. This is also a good opportunity to curl up with a good book. (Check out the great selection at the CATS library!)
  • Eat healthy and stay active: With viruses spreading and more and more people getting sick, it is in your best interest to make sure you do your best to prevent getting sick. Drink orange juice for vitamin C, eat a healthy diet, and WASH YOUR HANDS. Although it may be tempting to stay in your warm bed during the cold winter months, it would benefit your mind and body to take part in physical activity. Indoor workouts include weight lifting, treadmill running, and crew. But if you don’t feel like leaving your dorm, try yoga!
  • Be prepared: Download a weather tracking app so you can be updated on snow storm developments and potential snow days! Keep a supply of hot cocoa or tea in your dorm  so you can have something warm to sip while you watch the snow fall (you’ll thank me later.) Have a supply of cozy blankets and thick socks to keep you warm at night.
  • Have fun: With the shorter days and darker nights, you may find that your mood is changing. Spending time with friends and having fun can prevent any sadness that comes with the winter season. I would recommend building a snowman, making Coca-Cola snow cones, go sledding, or have a friendly snowball fight. These activities are also a great way to spend more time outdoors and enjoy winter!