By: Sasha Chernysheva

It is no surprise to anyone that, as the new spring semester started, the school became more crowded, and our multinational community is even bigger now. Many people left in the last semester, and we miss them a lot, but this December is our great chance to meet new people, start a new life. CATS Academy on behalf of the CATS Academy Courier welcomes all of our new students and we genuinely hope that the months spent here will become one of your favorite life-memories.

➢           We hope you will find many close or life-long friends here. Maybe in 30 years you will be sitting together, remembering these times…who knows?

➢           We hope CATS will show you how to enjoy studying because you can choose any course you want.

➢           We hope you will enhance your English skills in a fun way: by talking to your friends, reading books in English, writing poems in English and all the other fun ways that CATS provides you.

➢           We hope you will learn a lot about other cultures and know how to live in a diverse community. These are  essentials that will follow you during your entire life.

➢           We hope you will explore the USA, visit the places you probably would never visit, see things you would probably never see.

In general, we hope you will love being here, enjoy this wonderful experience, and achieve all the goals you had in mind when coming to CATS.

With love,

CATS Community