By: Emilija Nestor

Intercontinental Hotel is located in the heart of Boston, overlooking the historic waterfront. It has exquisite architecture and is adjacent to other  attractions around Boston including Quincy Market, Chinatown, Boston Tea Party Museum. The hotel’s location should be considered convenient because it’s near the Financial District and is only 10 minutes from Boston Logan Airport. The hotel offers numerous restaurants and stylish bars where you can try the appetizing food, and the refined, elegant cuisine.

As you enter the hotel, you will be astonished by the hotel’s architecture and design. The outer structure of the hotel is very modern, shiny, and the inside design is mind-blowing. The whole hotel lobby is filled with classy embroidered silk couches and armchairs, surrounded by giant fireplaces flickering with flames. The light brown floors are in perfect harmony with the white walls. The lobby has lots of flowers and the large windows allow light through, which makes the lobby very glossy. The chandeliers look as if they are rainbows dancing across the luxurious lobby. Thisit makes the lobby look paradisiacal.

Besides the luxurious hotel lobby, the charming, refined rooms are designed to make you feel as cozy as possible and they offer comfort and luxury. The rooms are equipped with a TV, mini fridge, sleek marble bathroom, classic Italian furnishings and a superb view of the city that will amaze you. The rooms are designed with discreet patterns and rich fabrics. There is also a smartly designed work area for people, who stay in the hotel for business purposes. You will sleep peacefully while visiting Boston, thanks to the plush bed and gracious design of the room to make you feel relaxed and escape your usual daily routine while you are looking at the spell-binding views of Boston.

Furthermore, the friendly and helpful staff is always there to help you with any problems you may face or any questions you may have. Ultimately you will be amazed by the exceptional service provided. All hotel guests get decent service and all the hotel employees are willing to go above and beyond. The hotel staff seems invested to create special moments for guests. The customers are offered drinks, they are brought mints after dinner and most importantly they are treated with full respect by the whole staff.

Finally, the hotel offers outstanding facilities, which are elegantly decorated to make you feel as if you are in heaven. Guest rooms and suites offer an inspiring environment with spacious windows to let the sunlight in with breathtaking views of Boston. This hotel is the perfect choice for any person who wants to relax and have a good time, as well as feel pampered. Every room in the hotel is designed to offer a unique welcoming atmosphere, including the outstanding service that all the customers are offered to feel pleased and enjoy their stay to the maximum. Overall it is worthwhile to spend your money in this well-rounded hotel.