By: John Liao

I have a fancy for eating Chinese food. Thus, I go frequently to Chinese restaurants to satisfy my appetite. One of the frequented places is Bamboo Moon Restaurant, which is based in Randolph, MA. Look for their red siamese-character symbol, which is typical and outstanding. It’s undeniable that they have been serving the local community for several years. They also have lots of die-hard fans and I’m of one of them. Indeed, I’m enchanted by the restaurant because of its staff, fantastic foods, and light atmosphere.

First of all, the restaurant has the nicest staffs, compared to other Chinese restaurants. You’ll get a warm welcome from the staff as soon as you go through the door of the restaurant. The staff warmly welcomes you with a smiley face. It makes you feel like eating a sweet chocolate. If you ask them questions about the dishes, they will try their best to answer those carefully. Moreover, when you order any dish ,they will serve you sincerely.

The restaurant not only has the nicest staffs, but also has the most delicious Chinese food. In its menu, you will see all kinds of Chinese food, such as, Lo Mein(a kind of noddles),Chow fan(fried rice),house special meats and many other dishes. I’m keen on General Tso’s Chicken. It’s a kind of sweet, mildly spicy, and deep fried chicken. It’s served in North America Chinese restaurants exclusively .It will melt in your mouth as soon as you chew a piece of it. The unique taste of sweet and slightly spicy flavors makes me come back for more.

In addition, the atmosphere of the restaurant is extraordinarily. The floor is immaculate and the wall is white-and-black hanging with pictures of signature dishes. It makes me feel extremely relaxed. It’s a good place for thinking about things and hanging out with friends too.

To sum up, Bamboo Moon Restaurant is a fabulous and excellent with its service, food, and atmosphere. You will definitely return for more. It is strongly recommend if you want to enjoy a good super. Please go to the Bamboo Moon Restaurant.