As winter is arriving and the first semester is finishing, the outdoor activities season is over, with a great job on the part of the Varsity Soccer and Cross-Country teams. The end of a great season brings the start of a Winter Sports Seasons consisting of Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball and Girls Junior Varsity Basketball.

Most of the boys had been practicing last season to be ready for the Winter Basketball Season. Although the basketball team has dropped their first few contests, Mr. Wilkins, the Boys’ Varsity Basketball coach, remains optimistic. He said, “It’s crucial for our team to move forward and have a positive attitude. The team has shown in practice that they are growing and working hard.” Some of the Boys’ Varsity players such as, Lorenzo Goncalo Fernandes, Ross Kwon, and Guilherme Sousa Pires have echoed that the team is practicing well and with a positive mindset the team will continue to improve.

Junior Varsity Boys’ Basketball player, Noah Ellegood, says that the team is working hard and always tries their best. He also wants to thank the students who went to support the team in their first game against Rocky Hill Academy. “Even when we were losing they were always there to support the team with a great attitude, which is highly appreciated,” said Noah.

Let’s not forget the girls’ basketball team that also looks forward to continue to work on developing a chemistry to have a successful season. Girls’ Basketball player, Vidhi Mahendra Bhanushali, stated, “All of my teammates are looking forward to great season with a lot of improvement.”

The season will play itself out over the next few months. In the meantime, lets practice our, “LET’S GO CATS” chant.