Nothing is as special as the feeling you experience when your heart starts beating, when your breath stops for a millisecond, and when your eyes widen from the amazement. It’s the feeling when you smile and at the same time feel nervous about the unknown. You probably think that something should have changed and you still can’t understand what. This is the feeling of returning home. The pleasure of it is indescribable! Only then, when you come home you realize that you overcame homesickness and that you were strong enough to stay and fight it there and now you came home with a victory.

When I was in CATS last year I managed to deal with homesickness and overcome it at some point. I didn’t overcome this feeling without the help of my friends. They were happy to be there for me and support me at my every turn. The bright side of our school is that people can always find friends with the same interests and goals. These are friends that will stay for life no matter what happens!

Unfortunately, some students are too shy to talk to others even if they want to know them better. This causes them to feel alone and miss home. After homesickness starts to overwhelm them, they change to a negative and melancholic mood. Sadness is the word I would use to describe this state of being. This doesn’t just make the person feel unhappy, but also makes the community weaker. If only students would pay more attention to others, especially students who feel alone, the whole CATS society would become a better place to live in.

The awareness of a few individuals in our community can start a change. With our help we can make more students come home and feel great remembering each moment they spent in Boston. They will realize that they became stronger after winning their best victory: reaching out for the first step to finding their incredible identity: finding a second home.