It’s that time of year again. With the upcoming end-of-semester exams, often referred to as “mid-terms” in America, in our very near future, it’s easy to succumb to the stress. There is a lot of pressure of having each exam make-up 20% of our grade in each class. However, if you have been working hard in your classes and maintaining a decent GPA, you shouldn’t worry yourself terribly over the mid-terms. To help with the inevitable stress, I have a few things listed below that will help you prepare best for the upcoming exams. My advice to you would be to try your best, plan ahead, and study hard!

  1. Breakfast: Although the additional time to sleep may be tempting, eating a good breakfast will give you the fuel you’ll need later in the day during the long 2 1/2 exams. To get the best results choose healthier options like fresh fruit and nutrient-dense complete proteins.
  2. Water: Hydration is always important. Drinking water will relieve headaches, fatigue, and will improve cognitive function. Try carrying a water bottle with you throughout the mid-term week to help you remember to drink up!
  3. Notecards/com: Prepare these ahead of time to retain the information more effectively. Keep them simple and to the point. In other words, don’t cram all of your information onto one card thinking it will help you remember it all. Notecards work better if you separate an appropriate amount of information onto individual cards. Notecards are most-frequently used for remembering definitions and formulas.
  4. Coffee/Redbull: Use caffeinated beverages only when necessary. These will get you through a night of cramming and can give you a boost of energy early in the morning.
  5. Sleep: The most important of all. You will perform much better on your exams if you manage do get to bed at a reasonable hour. Aim for at least 6-8 hours of sleep. Although it is tempting to use these sleeping hours for study, your mind and body will thank you during the exams if you rest instead.