There are weekends that I just don’t know what to do anymore. I can barely tolerate going to the South Shore Plaza or going to Boston just to walk around. These have become as boring as staying in the dorms on the weekend. Thinking about this struggle, I decided to make a list of both tourist and non-tourist things to do in the city. Most of this research is from websites and by word of mouth, since I am still exploring the city. After spending the whole semester here, I can only say that I know things to do around Newbury Street and the Boston Common. Here are some well-known activities to do in Boston:

  1. As baseball is one of the major sports in Boston, why not go to the Fenway Park? America’s oldest ballpark, built in 1912, is a place where you can watch baseball games with your friends or families. Or, if you don’t know anything about the sport, like me, you can take an informative tour.
  2. I am ashamed to say that I have not visited any museum in the time that I have been at CATS Academy. So, if you are like me, and is not the biggest fan of museums, I think that the Museum of Science is a good way to start. There are hands-on fun exhibits where you are going to learn science and spend your time entertained.
  3. As Boston is most known for its colleges, you must take a day to visit them. If you are not interested in visiting all of them, at least visit Harvard University. I would recommend visiting the Harvard Museum of Natural History to see dinosaurs, meteorites, rare minerals, and hundreds of animals from around the world.


After getting to know the tourist parts of Boston, it is time for you to visit some non-tourist places in Boston.

  1. When you enter the Bodega store in Boston, you may think that you have the wrong address. Instead of arriving in a fancy store, you are going to find yourself in the middle of a deli. Therefore, if you look closely, you are going to find the upscale clothing store hidden behind a fake Snapple machine. The doesn’t  have an advertisement outside of the store. They don’t even have a phone number.
  2. There are many street performers in Boston, but there is one in particular that has become one of the public’s favorite. His artistic name is Keytar Bear, and it kinds of reveals how he looks like. He is a keytar player that dresses like a bear. Unusual, right? If you ever have the chance to find him on the street, check him out!
  3. Why not look at Boston from above? In the observation deck at the Custom House it is possible. Located on the 26th floor of The Custom House in Downtown Boston, you have the opportunity to see a phenomenal panoramic view from the city!

I hope that, after reading these tips of what to do in Boston, you don’t have to face the struggle of not knowing what to do on your weekends anymore!

Source: Royal Caribbean International