The typical definition of school doesn’t always apply, especially at a boarding school. We are used to defining school as a place that challenges us. School subconsciously becomes an obstacle and a tiresome kind of work in our mind, however, we forget that this is not true at all. School actually can be a fun and an appealing activity, which the majority of CATS students have confidently proven. Here are some of the most exciting trips we have taken this semester.

Martha’s Vineyard: Martha’s Vineyard was one of our first trips and remarkably became one of the most successful ones. Martha’s Vineyard is an island on the South Coast of Massachusetts, which is world rebound for being a premier vacation spot. There was a warm autumn sun with a light breeze, and the rippling sea infused with a pale yellow, blue and pink prevailing on the island. The summer season was slowly coming to its end, and this trip was like the last “goodbye” to the beach, sea, and bright sun.

Canobie Lake Park: Canobie Lake Park is an amusement park in New Hampshire, which has multiple attractions like the Canobie Corkscrew ride, Starblaster ride, and Untamed ride. In total the park has around fifty rides. It also has flower gardens, boardwalks, a huge pond and several cafes and restaurants. All of these options provided students with multiple opportunities to have fun.

The Bruins Hockey Games: The next trip that CATS students were enthusiastic about was the Bruins Hockey game in Providence, Rhode Island. It was one of the trips that aimed to give students as much of an American experience as possible. Even though the Bruins did not win, many of the students had fun trying to appear on the screen

Of course, these were not all of the fascinating trips, we’ve made this semester. Students also enjoyed the New England Aquarium trip, Plimouth Plantation trip, “In the Heights” Musical, and several more.

These trips have made our school life more vivid and interesting. The Halloween dance, Thanksgiving dinner, Haunted house, and house competitions are worth reliving in our memories. Here are some of your classmates’ thoughts about the trips:

  • I loved the trip to Martha’s Vineyard, because the island is very beautiful, and it was completely different from Boston, which we can observe every weekend.
  • “The opportunity to meet new people, make memories, and then have something to talk with them about.”
  • It was a really fun amusement park.”
  • “The Halloween dance I thought was the best, because we don’t celebrate it back home and it was a different experience.”
  • “I had a lot of fun at the Halloween dance, in Germany we don’t usually get to celebrate it that much.”
  • “The varsity futebol (soccer) team and cross country team dinner was the most exciting event, because I really got the feeling of being an important part of a team, and felt the strength of friendship that bonded us together.”

Only together can we make our community better and comfortable for everyone. We need to listen to each other’s ideas and opinions, which is why I decided to share the students’ suggestions for next semester. So, if Mr. Pendley or Mr. Wilkins accidentally read this article, here are some of them.

  • I really want to get to know Boston better. Quincy market, the Science Museum, and Boston Aquarium are were the best trips in my opinion.”
  • “I think we should have more Boston trips to museums and historical sites in Massachusetts.”
  • “I would enjoy a Valentine’s Day Dance and a Six Flags trip.”
  • “In the winter, we should go skiing and in the spring I would be happy to spend the whole day in Six Flags.”

Now it’s Christmas time and there are many events and trips awaiting: Christmas Carol, Newport, and TAZA Chocolate factory. We all hope that the next semester will be more exciting and make everyone think that school can actually be fun.