Gabriela Santana is a senior student here at CATS Academy. She has created a play, which is set in a conformist post-apocalyptic society of people. The play is set in the day to day life of a man named Edward that is trapped in a cycle of monotonous life. He has schizophrenia and also suffers from the repetitive nature of his life. Inside his schizophrenia there’s a disorder associated with him called tainos (a reflection of the most natural side of a person). In the play, Edward meets others with the same problems associated with schizophrenia. These interactions create for a must see play, which will be released in the spring semester of 2017.

Gabby said she couldn’t have done this without Ms. Segal in terms of dramatic techniques and script, Annie Tran and Sandrea Celestin as managers, the production team(scenery), fashion designers, Lina Thuy Nguyen for choreography and all the actors in the play. Gabby said that she did this play to create a tradition at CATS Academy of students taking the initiative to create projects with the help of the faculty.