By: Anastasia Dvoryanchikova

When you hear the word “metamorphoses”, what comes to your mind? It refers to a transformation of a physical shape or a character. We might think of a cocoon becoming a butterfly; a structural transformation of rocks into minerals; or a long-term evolution of the human mentality. The concept of change is explored in the play Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman, which was staged at our school in December, 2017 by art teacher Nathaniel Punches.

The play is a compilation of Greek Mythologies devoted to love, and explores how challenges can change one’s character. What made the play unique was the stage itself, which was a pool full of water. This unique CATS staff designed set was used as a figurative interpretation of the play’s mood, which mainly focused on the process of undergoing changes, and to make both verbal, and visual connections with the audience. Splashes of water projected an emotional intensity in the scene; a still surface with the lights reflecting in it gave a calm feeling and highlighted the anticipation before every scene.

Being a part of the production was  a memorable experience for the entire cast and crew. We built the play line by line, from one rehearsal to the next together. The technology group gave color and shape to each character; the cast breathed life into them; the band projected the character’s feelings and emotions with music, and our director brought all the pieces together magnificently. Metamorphoses is about change and transformation, and I was certainly changed by my participation in this production.  My hope is that our audiences left the performance changed as well.