By: Uljad Berdica

On Monday, December 4, 2017, CATS Academy Boston joined a selected group of schools in the nation to participate in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Outreach Program.

Through the vision and persistence of our AP Chemistry teacher, Dr.Gholamreza Namin, and the support of the science department, the proper arrangements were made for the PhD students at the Chemical Engineering Department of MIT to give a presentation featuring complex theories and experiments relating to AP Chemistry and the university’s curriculum. The AP Chemistry class and interested CATS students went on to participate in laboratory experiments and write reports on the chemical phenomena discussed.

The presentation was followed by a lunch with the PhD students from MIT to chat about life at a top tier institute of technology and the vast array of possibilities that the pursuit of science, technology, math and engineering degrees are associated with. We understood that in science, as in every other discipline, hard work, creativity, and vision always pay off. The two PhD students were impressed with our school, the faculty, and the scientific background of CATS students.

This event will kick off a series of presentations, workshops and competitions organized by the Math Club under the leadership of Dr. Namin. We will keep you updated!