By: Amber Nguyen

“On October 31st, CATS Academy opened its door into a sinister hotel with a disturbing story. The grand construction housed only the elite, and its guests never left. They were forever bound inside the decaying walls of the hotel as the horrifying truth surfaced.”

The storyline was introduced as one of CATS’ Student Government event projects, specifically for Halloween. The basement of the school became the haunted destination while students and teachers became the spirits that walked its hallways. Walls were put up to form a path, and decorations turned every corner to fuel nightmares.

The tour began every fifteen minutes as the tour guide headed the unaware visitors through each room with distinctive themes. The most common fears came to life as guests ran from clowns, psychopaths, demons and the unknown lurking in the dark. Screams were heard throughout the tour as hurried footsteps and dimly lit rooms created a suffocating atmosphere that threatened even the sternest spirit. After the tour, terrified visitors parted as they left the terror of the basement with quickened heartbeats. Some stated that the experience would likely stay with them for the night.

The success of the haunted house was the outcome from weeks of preparation, building the cast, acting and decorating. It was a tremendous amount of work for the talented Student Government and the dedicated faculty, led by Professor Mike, to complete in a limited amount of time. Some were playing a role in the haunted house and others took part in the construction itself. In the midst of the school’s Halloween Spirit, the haunted house was an event that many could hardly forget.