By: Aleksandra Chernysheva

Unfortunately time at CATS passes by very quickly and almost imperceptibly. Although it is just the beginning of November, when many may assume (fairly enough) that there is a lot of time ahead to worry about the end of the school year, they not exactly correct. I think that most of the seniors would agree with me, that time seems short. We are the ones who must choose colleges, decide which exams to take, and complete all our applications. This is the time of the year, when seniors are crafting their future and what they aspire to accomplish in their future lives. What are their college aspirations? Why? Are they anxious and nervous about leaving high school behind or are they well-prepared to confidently step into the new life that the college is offering? These are the kinds of questions that I wanted to explore, which is why I talked to a CATS senior.

Many of us would agree that senior, Alice Nguyen, from Vietnam is one of the most remarkable students at CATS Academy Boston. Since her arrival, she has been an integral part of our community.  She constantly challenges herself academically and is welcoming and friendly to all. She is also one of the best student-writers who deserves to be considered for the English Award 2017.

What are her senior aspirations?

“For college I’d like to be in an academically rigorous environment, where the students are all eager to learn and to help others learn. In college, I want to be busy 24/7 with internships, academics, and extracurricular activities. College is the time for me to challenge myself and get the most out of my experience.

I’m passionate about creative writing, so I’d like to join literary magazines and journals, book clubs, and any writing workshops. I also hope to explore other disciplines that would let me explore more about myself. ”

Is she nervous or confident about her forthcoming college experience?

“I’m really, really excited to go to college. I mean, I love CATS, but college is a whole new horizon to immerse myself in, and it’s always exciting to think about new places and new journeys. However I am certainly not ready, even worried and stressed out at times, because my early decision deadline is approaching. It’s comforting to know that I’m doing my best to prepare and challenge myself.”

I am sure that a lot of seniors are in the same position as Alice, and we wish them all the best of luck. We hope that you all achieve your goals! To the class of 2019, prepare yourselves! It’s coming for you too, maybe even sooner than you expect.