By:Vi Ha Nguyen

People who love Vietnamese food definitely have heard about Pho Le restaurant before. Located in – Dorchester, Pho Le restaurant has become popular with both Vietnamese-Americans and all ethnicities alike. As a Vietnamese who studies far from my native land, Pho Le has become one of my favorite places in Boston.

First of all, this place is not fancy, but it brings me the feeling that Vietnamese traditions exist here. The entrance of the restaurant is very friendly and hospitable to make customers feel like their home. The board named “Phở Lê” in Vietnamese in front of the restaurant makes me feel that they have brought the Vietnamese tradition to America. On the inside, the restaurant is bright and decorated in a sweet and traditional style. There are many pictures of landscapes in Vietnam decorated on the walls. They even placed a blossom, which is the symbol of the Vietnamese Lunar Year Holiday at the entrance. Pho Le restaurant makes me feel like there’s a part of my country’s culture within this huge and culturally diverse make-up of the United States. Moreover, they even play a lot of Vietnamese songs to represent Vietnamese tradition.

Pho Le restaurant not only brings me an authentic feeling of Vietnamese tradition but , it also makes me fall in love with the taste of food here. The food at Pho Le doesn’t taste fake like others Vietnamese restaurants. The food here is exactly similar to the food in Vietnam. The special dish of the restaurant is “Pho” which is so attractive to many foreigners. They know about “Pho” as a traditional food of Vietnam. Its taste makes me miss my home whenever I eat it. “Pho” also reminds me of my mom who always cooks “Pho” for me every single day. Furthermore, there are also many tasty Vietnamese foods from different cultures of different areas in Vietnam such as, Ha Noi style fried tofu, noodle specialties, and special Beef Noodle Soup.

Along with the amazing taste of comes great servise. They are very nice, friendly and enthusiastic to introduce customers to the menu. They even suggest customers the most popular dish at the restaurant. They are thoughtful when they change the special dish every single week. The waiters and waitresses are also very helpful. They help customers order meals very quickly and bring dishes to customers very carefully..Besides that, all the waiters and waitresses wear the “ao dai,” which is traditional clothing of Vietnam to create an authentic atmosphere for customers. That’s another  reason why I feel like I’m at home whenever I come to this restaurant.

In conclusion, although there are many Vietnamese foods from different areas in Boston, Pho Le restaurant is still the only one that satisfies my taste and also makes me feel like home. For those who come to Boston and want to try Vietnamese cuisine, I highly recommend Pho Le restaurant.