By: Jasmine Stephens

The first CATS Academy competitive Girls’ Volleyball team has been making major moves this year. They ended the season undefeated (3-0) for the year. Marking the first undefeated team in CATS’ history.

The team began practicing at the beginning of March and worked hard in practice to improve each day. Although some of the athletes had played volleyball competitively at other schools, many of the members started with little to no experience. As the season moved on many of the girls improved rapidly. Through hard work, dedication, and commitment they were able to develop skills to compete with schools like the International School of Boston and the Woodward School.

The success, in part, is attributed to the fun team environment. Many of the girls were able to play with friends and fellow students from all around the world. The team had members from Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico, and the United States. This environment led to the girls coming together and embracing diversity!

Mr. Wilkins, the Athletic Director and Head Coach of the team, noted the cohesiveness and positive attitude of the girls.  He stated, “It was an enjoyable experience for me. The girls worked hard.”

The end of the season awards saw Xinhui Diao (Jackie) and Mel Rossi win the MVP award. Devany Leon-Garcia and Ngoc Thanh Nhu Tran (Mary) won the Coaches Award, while Hui-Chen Lu (Lisa) was the recipient of the Most Improved Player award. These players along with their teammates exemplified griffin pride! We cannot wait for next season!