By: Kenneth Luk (Contributor)

On April 13th , the school’s Ultimate Frisbee team had a dominant win against the Cambridge School of Weston with a final score of 9-2. This was the first victory in the start of the competitive portion of the season for the frisbee team.

The CATS Ultimate Frisbee team has come along way in the past few seasons because of the hard working players. Even though the competitive season doesn’t start until spring, the team has been training and recruiting since the fall.

Under very cold and unpleasant weather this spring, the team has continued to train on the rain soaked fields, or by throwing their frisbees in the gymnasium. They have also incorporated some fitness training, gathered to discuss tactics and watch professional frisbee matches in order to get a more comprehensive understanding of the sport.

CATS’ Ultimate Frisbee coach, Mr. De Santis, the visionary for the program, has established a positive and hardworking environment for the squad. The main goals of this season are for the players to improve their physical fitness and frisbee mechanics; to improve their mental toughness, field sense and decision making; and for players to have fun when they play.  This attitude has brought the team together to train harder to become better at the sport. “We are for ourselves and we train for ourselves,” said the team’s captain Steven Wang. This self-ownership and passion for frisbee is what brings the team together on a daily basis. Don’t be surprised to see big