By: Helena Fauvel (Reporter)

On Friday, April 6th, student government and Mr. Cerbarano organized one of the most well-attended and successful events of the whole school year. The name of the event was CATS Madness. Students along with teachers were able to show off their skills as basketball players or just simply have fun watching the teams battle in the gym.

Along with the basketball tournament our beloved student government organized tents with food and drinks to raise money through charitable donations for CATS Hope. This event really displayed the kindness and cohesiveness of our community.

Another enjoyable aspect of this tournament was the interaction between teachers and students.  Co-Head Basketball Coach O’Brien commented, “It was good to play against some of the Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball students I coached. It is good to see some of the people who did not play on the school team out there as well. Hopefully it will encourage them to come out for the team next year.”  The final results of the tournament saw students Taj Gomes, Noah Ellegood, and Vinh Nguyen (tournament MVP) win the boy’s bracket. The girl’s bracket was won by Katherine Pan, Susan Zhang, Veronica Zghoniaiko, and Valeriia Bazovkina in a hard fought competition.

Art teacher, Mr. Punches, believes our school should continue to organize more school events like CATS Madness to provide fun interactions between students and teachers. “We should appreciate the hard work of everyone that put their time and work and this event – it turned out great”, he said. Community events like CATS Madness, are an important part the unique and exceptional educational experience we have at CATS Boston. We can’t wait till the next one!