By: Howard Ng

Spring Break is coming!!! As usual, we count down to break as if was a winning lottery ticket. Most students crave an increased amount of sleep, relaxation, and rest for the 22 days of break.  Then we will all come back to complete the final two months of the school year. I would like to propose four meaningful ways you can efficiently use those 22 days of spring break and not waste a single day.

  1. Actually Relax:

Over the break, don’t just stay in your room and stare at a screen and eat junk food for a whole day. A great and meaningful way to relax is by going to the beach and enjoying the sun if you desire, or you can simply enjoy a tranquil afternoon picnic with your family at a park. If these things do not tempt you enough, you can simply have a serene day fishing at a lake, where you can clear your mind, indulge yourself in the amazing scenery and hopefully catch something for lunch.

  1. Adventure and Explore:

There are many ways to enjoy the break in the wild. Spending a few days, getting your hands dirty and exploring nature can be exhilarating, delightful and memorable. Take camping for example, it is nice to have the scents of nature around you, to build a campfire and cook a simple but tasty meal in the outdoors. At night you can relax listening to the crickets singing at night. Camping is also very empowering because it helps you build survival skills and is a great way to be unplugged.


During the spring break, a great way to spend a day or two is to get active by volunteering for a local community organization where you live.  When you make a difference in the lives of others I believe you will find happiness in giving. You can also gain valuable life experience that will help you in the future and enhance your resume.  You can gain new skills and training and learn how to work in teams with others towards a common goal.

  1. “Play Scholar”

After the break, we will all return to school and you could take the opportunity to get ahead during the break.  You can “Play Scholar” and complete assignments given to you before break by your teachers which are due after we come back.   You have the assignment and know exactly what to do, so get it all done and then relax!  In this way you will make your return to school so much easier.