By: Sasha Chernysehva

Dorm life is a unique experience that only boarding students can have. There is a prevalent opinion that dorm life is humdrum and doesn’t carry much weight in the context of one’s boarding experience. However, this is an indisputable underestimation, it may well be one’s favorite part. Dorm life is certainly important and deserves notice. Here’s the overview of my experience with CATS dorm life.

My social life in CATS began in the dorm. When I came here last year, I was very anxious about merging in to a completely new community. However, soon I realized that the dorm environment was more than welcoming, and shortly I felt really comfortable with meeting new people and making new friends. There were times when we all gathered together in the lounge, to watch movies on Netflix, listen to music, cook food, or just talk. These simple things create the warm and cozy environment that helped me join the CATS community in my first year.

Both of my dorm parents, during the first two years, were very involved in my life. In my home country, it would be my parents who would provide assistance if I had concerns about teachers, grades, or my personal life.   Here at CATS, my dorm parents are very involved, caring and work hard every day to create a welcoming community on the floor. For example, my dorm parent makes hot pots for everybody on the floor.  Other dorm parents have done things like organize a karaoke night or make Sunday breakfast for the floor.  They are always looking for new and creative things to do.

Holidays in dorms are always celebrated. On Halloween and Thanksgiving, all of the dorms were adorned with festive decorations; and although, we were not here for Christmas, an effort was made to illuminate our dorms, celebrate with food and Secret Santa presents were given on the night before we left. The Gardner House recently had a Valentine’s Party on February 14; they distributed valentines and little presents, had food and music, and celebrated the holiday with hugs. Many of the students dressed in costume or wore red for the occasion.

Dorm life at CATS is a big part of the school experience, if classes are not the best part of your day, dorm life certainly may be.