By: Howard Ng

The fall semester has passed and CATS Academy Boston now proceeds into the second semester. The school is delighted to welcome all new and returning students to be members of this welcoming and diverse community. On January 24th, an interview was held with the Head of School, Mr. Angell to discuss his plans for our wonderful school (This article is based on the summary of Mr. Angell’s ideas and rather than a word by word responses).

Mr. Angell, what is your vision for CATS Academy? In five years, how do you think CATS Academy Boston will be different than today?

It is evident that CATS is a very young school with a incredibly diverse community of talented and willing to learn students. In order to enrich the learning environment for our school and enhance the learning environment for our students, Mr. Angell has many plans and projects in the works. Some general ideas include, improving the school curriculum and adding to the already wonderful school facilities. The new dormitory, which is slated to be completed next school year will also bring anticipated growth of the student body.“We will be able to include a lot more wonderful kids in our school,” said Mr. Angell.

Mr. Angell, what are some changes that you think will be made before the beginning of next school year?

Students who are very athletic may be pleased to hear this. Mr. Angell hopes to improve the school’s athletic offerings as students are getting more involved in athletics at our school. A major change that he hopes to realize is to create a better soccer field for our soccer and ultimate frisbee teams. At the same time, Mr Angell desires to change the school’s weight room. “We want to be able to offer a larger area for students to use.” By doing this, students will have a much more accessible weight room for those who like to participate in clubs, activities, and sports and still be able to workout during the evening hours. Mr Angell would also like to improve the offerings of the fine arts department, notably by improving the availability of instruments to students at the start of the next school year.

Mr. Angell, how will CATS Academy continue to enhance the learning experience for students in the coming years?

Mr. Angell responded by stating, “ [CATS Academy Boston needs to ] make sure that our students are ready and able to get into the best possible colleges here in the United States”. In order to accomplish this goal, there is a constant quest to refine the instruction quality and academic program.

The new CATS Innovation program currently features more STEM and STEAM course offerings .Mr. Angell gave many accolades to the faculty who helped morph the CIGB (CATS Institute of Global Business) into this enhanced program.  “CATS Innovation targets specific interests of students and enhances their attractiveness to colleges and universities by allowing students to take classes others school don’t offer,” added Mr. Angell.

Mr. Angell, as an administrator, what are your plans to ensure CATS Academy is sustainable?

Mr. Angell relayed how he values the diverse CATS Academy Boston student population as being key to the sustainability of the school. He stated, “The number one priority is making sure that we have lots of students here. Every school is based around the fundamental foundation of its students.” Mr. Angell wants to make sure that CATS will continue to attract great students from all over the world to study in a great learning environment. Mr. Angell concluded by saying, “The better we make CATS Academy Boston, the more students will want to come here.”