By: David Lazbin

The season looks promising for the CATS Academy Boys’ Varsity basketball team, it has had only three loses so far. The current squad may in fact be the most skilled varsity boys’ basketball team that CATS Academy has ever had.

Our Varsity basketball team has shown great success this season, despite its recent loss to the St. Andrews team.  The team showed great perseverance and mental toughness in the great home bounce back victory against Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall. We played with energy and tenacity and the support of our fans and cheerleaders added to the positive and invigorating environment.  Athletic Director and Co-Head Coach Wilkins provided some inspiration the team prior to the game noting that, “this will be a great game to get better and show what we are capable of doing on a nightly basis.” In addition to that our Varsity Boys Co-Head Coach O’Brien added, “our goal has been and will continue to be to battle through adversity and continue to get better each and every day”.

I would also like to call attention to the recent success of the CATS Girls’ Varsity Basketball.  They beat the Woodward School Girls’ Varsity basketball team on January 23.  It was an extremely close game which ended with 24-23 showing on the scoreboard. This game helped catapult the CATS Girls’ Varsity basketball team into 1st place in the GIL and handed Woodward their first loss of the season.

Griffin fans should look forward to our upcoming games, including what most people see as the game of the year for the boys varsity team on February 12 as we face Middlesex at home. The team looks to even the season series with the support of our fans.

Lets go Griffins!