By: Maya Stoilova

Seniors talk a lot when we are in the cafeteria, often about college. The soon approaching deadlines are causing many seniors to become impatient about waiting to send their applications to their dream colleges.  Meanwhile, juniors are beginning to write their first college essays. In order to help them, here is some advice:

  • DO think about your career goals before you start researching, applying, or writing.
  • DON’T wait until late November in your senior year to start caring about college!
  • DO ask yourself the questions “What school do I want to attend? Where should it be? What do I want to study? What will my essay be about?”
  • DON’T just apply to the popular and trendy schools. There are many other excellent schools that you probably haven’t heard of.
  • DO go and ask for help in the college counseling office (and, in case you also have an agent, make sure to keep your college counselor and your agent in touch).
  • DON’T miss the deadlines!
  • DO show your real self in the application (and remember – if you don’t get in, then the school probably wasn’t the right fit for you).
  • DON’T try to present yourself as a completely different person when writing your essay. Remember to speak (in this case – write) from the heart.
  • DO make your college application process an adventure (travel, visit, see).
  • DON’T overwork yourself.
  • DO get rest, enjoy Boston and your last year in high school!