By: Livia Qeli

With Halloween season ending, November and Thanksgiving have arrived! Thanksgiving is an American holiday that was originally celebrated to give thanks for a successful harvest. Nowadays it has become a tradition which all American families celebrate each year by having a plentiful Thanksgiving dinner.

Many CATS students are choosing to leave school or explore America for the four golden days of break, but many students chose to stay on campus. If you are choosing to stay on campus, do not fear, as you will be able to experience a classic Thanksgiving dinner on November 24 right here. There will be turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce galore provided by the school. As we will have a long break, here are a few ideas of things you can do here on campus:

  1. Catch up on sleep: you’ve had 3 long months of school with few breaks and plenty of homework. This is your time to wind down and chill out. Forget about exams and rejoice in the warmth of your blanket.
  2. Have a movies night in your dorm or a sing along: what is better than watching movies with your friends and some warm buttered popcorn while it’s cold outside? Pretty much nothing compares.
  3. Sign out to see Boston. The city will be busy with people, many sights to see and Thanksgiving themed activities.

Have fun, be responsible but most important don’t forget to be thankful!