Every meeting starts with our mission, which is the intense and never-ending learning. Learning that shows our main purpose as a club to have a significant imprint on the school’s community by organizing and participating in competitions and fund-raising sales. These events allow us and the surrounding community to daily challenge ourselves, to collaborate with the one another, and last but not least – to have fun gaining important knowledge for the future, especially in the areas of finance and marketing.”

This is the mission statement we, the DECA members, came up with after getting inspired by endless talks with our advisor, Mr. O’Donnell, by the enthusiasm in our peers’ eyes, and by the smell of the brand new DECA textbooks. A mission statement that embodies our goals and values as a group, or more specifically as members of the two sections of these year’s DECA, the first section being the marketing committee, led by Anastasia, and second one – the Finance committee, led by Long. These committees are meant to encourage and help students develop in the areas they are interested in by working on interesting projects and participating in competitions. Additionally, the DECA members like to collaborate in the organization of new fun events for the CATS community such as donut and pizza sales. Lastly, as our president, Minh Tran, mentioned, the DECA club this year will successfully bond the school’s community together by organizing interactive activities and cheering up our spirit by winning awards from regional and hopefully national competitions.

On behalf of DECA Club,

DECA Secretary, Maya Stoilova