By: Nuray Salina

Halloween had always been my favorite holiday throughout my childhood. Staying in the United States gives all CATS students an opportunity to completely understand the holiday.

It appears as if most Americans start their preparations for the holiday 1 month in advance to Halloween. They make an effort to decorate their houses and plan their Halloween costumes.

CATS Academy Boston’s preparations for the Halloween are in full swing. The school, led by the Student Government and Professor Mike, is constructing a Haunted House. Other activities include arranging a Halloween Fashion competition, a movie night, and other sorts of  entertainment for the students of our school. New ideas, personal creativity, and excitement amongst friends are the guarantee of  a successful Halloween experience.

Here are some recommendations I have for you to get into the spirit this Halloween season:

  1. Decorating your room as soon as it is possible. Buy, for example, several pumkin-lamps for your table, a skeleton in your closet, fake spiders and other frightenening items.
  2. Invite your friends to watch scary movies in the There are a lot of very scary movies now. Most of them are definitely worth the watch.
  3. Visit Boston after Halloween weekends. The city will be decorated in Halloween decor.

I hope that you will enjoy this celebration, especially if it is your first Halloween in the USA. Have fun and enjoy yourself!