By: Nina Sunago

The Student Government was founded last year with the main goal of representing the student body. What started off with only 20 participants has now grown into an enthusiastic and capable council of over 50 participants.

Since the election, I have been asked by many CATS students about how I am going to represent the CATS community to my utmost ability. My answer is simple: I will be the voice to the student body of CATS Boston.

So in particular, what am I doing? My trusted vice president Veronika Mikhaylyo, Professor Mike, members of Student Government, and I are focusing on building a better community which will be shaped to the students’ real needs. This means that we are working towards enhancing sporting events, parties, community service trips, fundraising for charity, and much more. We are setting our goals for the year with all student government members.

But we cannot do this alone. We need the students of CATS, our friends and associates, to be a part of this wonderful experience together. I want every individual to know that they are represented in our school, and that was why I ran for Class President. I cannot guarantee you the future of all my proposals, yet I can promise one thing for sure: we will do whatever it takes for students to be heard. My hope is we all leave this campus saying: “I am proud of studying in CATS Academy”, and we’re half way there just by dreaming of it.