By: Howard Ng

Although some of you may agree that the dorms are just looking fine and there is nothing you can possibly do to improve it, there are actually a handful of cool tricks and “Lifehacks” that you can consider to make your experience in the dorm fun and memorable.

  1. Placing dryer sheets on your A/C:
  • Sometimes your room smells after leaving your windows closed, and the most you can do is buy a pricey air freshener to remove the smell in your room. Alternatively, you can use dryer sheets and tape them onto your air conditioner and it is a cheap and creative way to freshen up your room.
  1. Place your phone in a glass to amplify sound:
  • If you are an oversleeper, you should really consider this trick. Simply, place your phone in a glass cup and turn the speaker side towards the bottom of the glass and that acts as a mini alarm clock, in which you can use to make your alarm louder so the dorm parents don’t have to wake you up again!
  1. Set your lock screen to your class schedule!
  • Are you always getting late to class? Having a peek at your student portal before your next class or checking the paper schedule that CATS handed to you at the start of the year is just not “elaborate” enough! Simply, take a picture of your schedule (horizontal picture is recommended) and crop the background then set it to your lock screen. Now you know where you should be going, no more lateness should be expected from you!
  1. Don’t throw away your cardboard boxes, use them for your shoes!
  • Every time you buy stuff online that comes in a box and wonder what to do with the it, in this case, you can actually reuse them and place your shoes in them. Use a longer box that has the width of the length of your shoes and that you can probably fit a few shoes in it. Ain’t it easy, instead using a shoe rack, you can use your boxes and possibly decorate them to make them look fancy, you can even slide them under your bed!