By: Aleksandra Chernysheva

As years go by, the CATS Boston community does not stop improving: last year we moved to a new campus, built new facilities for sports, we established the school newspaper, and created a student government. This year we intend to do even more.  Among our early but very significant achievements is our first CATS cheerleading team!

It was created by two of our students: Veronika Mikhaylyo (Ukraine) and Nina Sunago (Brazil). Last year they also had the ambition to create a cheerleading team, and their performance at the basketball game was outstanding. This year, it will be even better!

What has actually been done to make the team organization better? First, we  have a professional coach this year, who will guide the team. Second, cheerleading will start at the beginning of the school year, as opposed to the last year.

This year the team will practice twice a week: on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in the gym.

You may be wondering, do you have to have certain skills in order to sign up for cheerleading? There are no special skills required, but you should be willing to commit and work hard in order to raise the school spirit.

Why join the cheerleading team? First, it’s good for your flexibility, grace, and physical health. Second, it raises the school spirit, and you can also make new friends. Last, it looks good to colleges that you have been a part of a community building activity(we all know that’s pretty important).

We are looking for  new people who are excited to join us. If you are interested, feel free to contact Nina, Veronika, or Mr. Wilkins.