By: Dima Zhuravel

Dear Reader,

Thank you for reading the last issue of our newspaper this academic year. Our school newspaper was created not so long ago, but thanks to wonderful people Mr. Walecka, Mrs. Bowen, Gabby, Jackie, Sasha, Tristan, Shirley, Brian, and Jennifer, we did a great job and achieved considerable success. We would also like to thank you, the reader, for your support. Although some of these wonderful people will not be back next year, we want to wish every one of them and you, the reader, the best summer and success in life.

For those who are returning next school year, we want to inform you that our team will continue to publish thoughtful and engaging articles. We will be happy to hear from each of you on your opinion about the paper and issues of student interest. Perhaps we will even welcome you as a new member of our team. Again, thank you for reading our newspaper and we look forward to seeing you in the fall!



CATS Academy Courier Newspaper Team