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By: Kenneth Luk

The ancient Chinese believe that where you locate things in your environment  affects the flow of energy which  causes an effect on you, known as Feng-shui.  People can alter Feng-shui.  Experts have said that different types of plants at different places in your work place or home environment can improve Feng-shui. You can put them in living rooms, bedrooms, offices and even bathrooms.

People generally want their home to be as cozy; it should be the best place to be in their life. The right plants can make your home a better place. Lucky bamboo is one of the most popular plants to improve Feng-shui . It is believed that lucky bamboo will bring a peaceful and wise energy to your home allowing a healing spirit to flow and improve your health.  The two most vital areas to locate your lucky bamboo are the East and South-East.  In the East it will attract improved health to your family members, whereas having your lucky bamboo in the South-East will strengthen finances  and bring in more money.

A comfy home is a good, but people also need  a good workplace environment to boost productivity.  The peace lily is a great plant to grow under artificial light; having one in your office desk and close to your computer would be great. Placing a plant near your computer helps because electromagnetic energy can be filtered by the plant.  English Ivy would also be amazing.  The vines of the ivy can soften any poison arrows pointing at you which could contribute to job, money or health loss.

There are many other ways to affect the Feng-shui with different  placements.  I have just mentioned a couple to give you some ideas.  Although some people may not buy into the Feng-shui concept, it comes to us from ancient Chinese through generations and has many practitioners .