By:  Sasha Chernysheva

In the previous publication of our newspaper, Jacqueline Kovalcin suggested some great ways to survive a frosty, long, and severe New England winter. I suppose, however, that there is one more essential factor to be added: the snow days.

On February 8th and 12th the entire CATS Academy community was happy to receive an email with the sacred words: “No school tomorrow.” CATS staff members and students could sleep in and have a well deserved rest after all.

What were some of the things that the students enjoyed doing over these days?

  • Some of the students went outside despite the bitter cold, to build snowmen and jump in the snow. Students could be seen taking pictures and laughing the entire day until the very end of curfew at 7:45pm.
  • Maya Alarcon described her snow days by stating, “My experience on the snow days was amazing because I am from Mexico and I’ve never been to a place with snow. It was new for me. I also enjoyed playing outside in snow with my friends!”
  • My personal experience was far different from many of my peers. Since I come from Russia, a very snowy country, I have experienced far too often the feeling of snow days. I prefer staying in my bed on such days, reading, watching Netflix with a mug of hot chocolate in my hands, wrapped in a warm blanket, and dreaming of the beach and the sun.

Even though different members of the CATS Academy Boston community chose to spend these days in various ways, many doing homework, they still refill you with the positive feedback and energy to go back to classes.