By: Anna Merzliakova

Have you ever wondered how it would be to wear a Vietnamese dress and to dance to Latin American music? Strange combination right? Although I didn’t think it would be possible, it happened at the wonderful CATS Academy Boston Cultural Fair. The successful event was organized by Ms. Romash, Mrs. Carroll, additional CATS Boston faculty, and many of the enthusiastic international students who attend CATS Academy Boston.

The Cultural Fair succeeded by giving students an opportunity to represent something special from their home nation. The fair started off with a Mexican band performing authentic music from Mexico. Students, meanwhile, had the opportunity to roam between cultural tables representing the vast majority of the 32 nations present at CATS Academy. Students were seen eating guacamole, churros, Asian noodles, Brazilian desserts, British tea and crumpets, hummus, and drinking Taiwanese bubble tea. The event then transitioned to musical chairs, a wonderful fashion show, and student musical performances. These performances were commemorated with  lots of colorful photos and videos taken that day with even more smiles shared among friends from all over the world.

The 2017 CATS Cultural Fair will not just be remembered by the pleasant memories, but will truly represent the bright future for the event at CATS Academy Boston. We can take this success to continue creating a comfortable home-like environment for all students at CATS Academy.