By: Tristan Fornari Hospital

The community of Cats is very diverse regarding the different cultures that makes up the school. Our students come from countries all over the globe including, Brazil, China, Mexico, Vietnam, Russia, Albania, and more. Although each of have different life experiences, we are all united in one community and live in the United States. CATS Academy Boston truly exemplifies the concept of America being a melting pot with different cultures, foods, traditions, and thoughts. Food is truly an excellent example of how each culture uniquely identifies itself. Each country has their own unique traditional foods. I have found that going to another country with its own food can be especially hard when it’s your only choice. The positive is that you can try other cultures’ foods that haven’t tried before.

“Food from this country is very different. In my country, the food is more homemade and less from factories or  [processed]food. It can be very hard to adapt because the food can be too greasy,” said Ivan Osipov from Russia. He also said that he would like if the cafeteria tried to make some Russian entrees.

“It’s very different in my country. People eat from a big plate and share with chopsticks,” remarked Lo Tsz Fung. Lo later stated, however, that it’s not hard to adapt because some of the food that they serve in the cafeteria is like his native country of China.

American culture related with food is very different compared to a lot of cultures. American meals are eaten in very large quantities compared to many different cultures. The food in United States contains a lot more calories than other cultures, can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. An advantage of CATS Academy is that a lot of cultures have access to food of their country. This is thanks to the cafeteria providing a variety of food. Special occasions like the lunar year give us the chance to try food from other cultures.

In conclusion, the community from CATS Academy Boston is very diverse in culture, which may seem difficult to adapt to the food. In reality, though, the CATS Academy teachers, dorm parents, and staff make the transition as smooth as possible.