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“Summer Night” (Short Story)

By: Thu Huong Nguyen (Amber)

It is, at most, twelve at night. The heat got to her face after roaming through her entire body, leaving the pale shade of her skin a notch pinker. The sound of the commonly-busy street in front of her apartment has now become dead, as if it was engulfed by the midnight falling mercilessly onto her shoulders. Her eyes wandering endlessly, further than the sky bounding the limit of a lifetime. Without any expression – and with her back leaning against the wall on her bed, to the right of the balcony – she sighs as though the stars are bothering her, and she wants them to be gone. Music is softly playing through the speakers on the table to her left side – a lo-fi electronica song with the hint of a summer’s ending. The night is too luminous, inviting her to stay awake – as though to ease her ever-growing fear of a nonsensical, vivid end – to these hazy nights, and to something much larger than what she can bare.

Within the turning of the inevitable, it is – so she thought – the right time to reminisce the past few years of her life. With the floodlights all shining brightly, she would frequently hold her breath and count to twenty. The internal motion would, in turn, calm her racing heart just enough for her to start the solo she had been performing smoothly for over a year on that very same stage. An eleven-minute musical number starring a twenty-year-old beauty from England – a foreign land with a polished accent – captivated the audience more than it should have. Therefore, ‘the belle’ – as they adoringly, whilst making the word sounded so mediocre by the way they pronounced it, called her – got to herself three main performances in the unoriginal play of a princess falling for a tragic love story. Typical Broadway in the typical weekend nights, she lived a typical life of a trapped soul – not touchable nor savable, wandering around the same place: same house, same bars, same streets, and same restaurants, at the same time. A fixed mechanism of a rusting train running right on schedule every day – and it bored her to death from deep within.

Luckily – yet more ironically – time seems to stop for a while at this exact moment, as she thinks of her. A too-young-for-her-age and mediocre-looking woman of twenty-six. Not unlike the script she had acted out more than thirty times, she fell – this time sincerely – for the eyes abnormally dazzling. They met once in her usual café, not with their sights, but rather with their hearings. The word ‘belle’ came up as natural as ever from the tip of a native tongue startled her. She turned around only to be dazed by the hypnotising light reflected in those emerald orbs – complimented by the rays of golden sunlight that is much more than what her ‘life’ revolved around. Three full minutes passed in a blink of an eye, but neither of their eyes closed in front of the image of the other. ‘Belle’ – it sounded again, pulling her out of the warm and tingling sensation that was – at the time – much unusual for her. It wasn’t merely her name the pretty mouth was calling. It was her. She was calling out to her. A four-letter word was what the person spelt out, and that same word was what she heard. Though, every magnificent and exquisite things are known to be short-lived. This one was no different. It ended abruptly after five weeks of roaming through a different life together under the gaslights with a truck, the sight of overflowing garnet, and the sound of sirens. Leaning against the balcony one summer night, with everything familiar turning into illusory enemies, she held her breath again, wasting exactly fifty seconds before almost passing out.

So she went back to the inevitable. Where she is right now is where she is meant to be from the beginning. Waiting for sunrise to come follow, a tranquil moment before this calm and cleansing night ends. The mixing of emotions into a huge mess, interleaving with numbness was distant to her until now. She was herself, but no longer herself. Wasting a huge amount of time for something that she can never keep – she feels the urge to make up for all the work she has left unattended – the style of living that would constantly drive her mad. Not that she isn’t mad, now that everything has fallen back to their fixed places. ‘Now’ is just a more gentle, more subtle madness, sugar-coated with the sound of the old wooden clock ticking away every second. From behind the mask of this kind summer night, a hand will be reaching out to firmly place its grab around her neck. She won’t fight it, naturally. The strange acceptance to what needs to be done does not come from a friend; it comes from a foe. And whether or not the fear is real, nothing really matters in the end. With the internal struggle that is tearing her will apart, she quietly sits and observes the turning of time, while the soothing voice of fate whispers something bitter – yet inaudible – into her ears within nine seconds – before Belsomra kicks in.



The Benefits of Feng-Shui

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By: Kenneth Luk

The ancient Chinese believe that where you locate things in your environment  affects the flow of energy which  causes an effect on you, known as Feng-shui.  People can alter Feng-shui.  Experts have said that different types of plants at different places in your work place or home environment can improve Feng-shui. You can put them in living rooms, bedrooms, offices and even bathrooms.

People generally want their home to be as cozy; it should be the best place to be in their life. The right plants can make your home a better place. Lucky bamboo is one of the most popular plants to improve Feng-shui . It is believed that lucky bamboo will bring a peaceful and wise energy to your home allowing a healing spirit to flow and improve your health.  The two most vital areas to locate your lucky bamboo are the East and South-East.  In the East it will attract improved health to your family members, whereas having your lucky bamboo in the South-East will strengthen finances  and bring in more money.

A comfy home is a good, but people also need  a good workplace environment to boost productivity.  The peace lily is a great plant to grow under artificial light; having one in your office desk and close to your computer would be great. Placing a plant near your computer helps because electromagnetic energy can be filtered by the plant.  English Ivy would also be amazing.  The vines of the ivy can soften any poison arrows pointing at you which could contribute to job, money or health loss.

There are many other ways to affect the Feng-shui with different  placements.  I have just mentioned a couple to give you some ideas.  Although some people may not buy into the Feng-shui concept, it comes to us from ancient Chinese through generations and has many practitioners .

Artist of the Month: Zhang Fengwei

Sunset in Cape Cod


Mr. Angell Appointed Headmaster of CATS Academy Boston

By: Jackie Kovalcin

You’ve probably heard the news  or seen the signs in the cafeteria by now, announcing the appointment of Christopher Angell to the head of school position here at CATS Academy Boston. Perhaps you tasted the celebratory sundaes served with lunch last week, congratulating Mr. Angell on his success. This is a very exciting time for both the administration and the student body. The announcement of Mr. Angell’s appointment is a big step in the right direction for the bright future of CATS Academy. I was able to sit down and have a conversation with Mr. Angell about this exciting time.

What does it feel like to be appointed headmaster?

Mr. Angell: “It’s exciting, but also challenging. I think it’s an awesome responsibility. I now have to be sure that every student here is successful in every possible way. I also have to supervise a huge group of really well-trained and experienced faculty, administration, and staff. Doing both of these things will be, like I said, exciting and challenging.”

What is your favorite part about being Headmaster?

Mr. Angell: “I think my favorite part of it is helping both the faculty and the students achieve the goals that they have set for themselves. I like to think of myself as a leader, I need to set a tone as far as the school’s concerned. But an even more important task for me is supporting both the staff and students. In other words, I told the faculty that I think of myself as helping to paint the painting, and supplying the faculty with the paintbrushes and paint necessary. This applies to the students as well.”

What are some changes you see for the future of CATS Academy Boston?

Mr. Angell: “I think that we’ve made some improvements over spring vacation. I think there are some changes coming up as far as the physical facilities are concerned. I am very interested in upgrading and improving the student living areas such as in between the dormitories and the athletic fields. I would also like to give the students as many different and new kinds of academic courses, electives, and challenges they want during the school year. I’m looking forward to the growth of the school. We’ll probably be seeing some additional students next year with our homestay and day-student programs. Adding that to the mix will be both exciting and challenging”

Congratulations Mr. Angell!


CATS Madness Basketball Tournament Photos

Participate in Poem in Your Pocket Day

Share a poem with everyone you meet on Poem in Your Pocket Day at CATS Academy Boston on April 27th. Select a poem or compose an original work and carry it with you in your pocket all day, sharing the poem and the fun of National Poetry Month wherever you go.

Adapted from: Academy of American Poets

London Exchange Program Was A Success: Interview with Michael Tran

By: Brian Nguyen

“I couldn’t wait for spring break and the London Exchange Program.  It was such a great opportunity it blows my mind now.” – Michael Tran

Why did you choose to join the London Exchange Program instead of going back to your home country like many other students?

I love finding out about the world’s history, to understand how people have changed and developed.  London is a city that has a mix of antiquity such as Oxford University, Big Ben tower and modernity like The Shard Building, the fourth-highest skyscraper in Europe, or the London Eye. They made me so curious that I couldn’t wait to visit.

What did you do in London? And what did you like most?

I visited many places such as Saint Paul’s Church,  the Bank of England,  Emirates Stadium, and the London Eye, to name a few.  Each was a great experience and a lot of fun. I visited Oxford University – which is a well-known and ancient university. It’s an excellent school which I would love to attend.  I also went to the Big Ben tower which always displays the exact time. It is built beside the Thames River, and I must say it seemed quite romantic. I liked the London Eye the most because I could see the whole of London from it.  I could see the petite alleys running between the old buildings which made London so captivating.  After visiting the sights, you can walk along the River Thames, and drink a hot cup of tea. It was such an amazing experience; it is hard to find words to describe it.   I had a great time!

How do you feel about CATS Canterbury? Are there any differences between CATS Boston and CATS Canterbury?

CATS Canterbury is a nice school with an antique-style building. I had the honor to talk to CATS Canterbury’s Principal. We had a pleasant conversation about life in the United States and England.  There were a few cultural differences, but the schools are similar in that they offer a common opportunity: to give students the best environment to study, especially students who speak English as their second language.

Is there anything else you want to share?

You should visit London. I promise you will never regret the time you spend there. It’s a beautiful city which has everything, from great landscapes, good food to very nice people. I’ll go back there whenever I have a chance!

Student Artwork Submission

By: Annie Kim

CATS Madness Basketball Tournament

By: Tristan Fornari Hospital

On Friday, April 7th, 2017, the first CATS Madness 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament took place in our state of the art gym during the evening. The event was organized by Math teacher and Student Government Advisor Mr. Mike Cerbarano along with some students from student government. Each of these students’ passion and dedication showed through the success and meticulous organization of the event. The food, entertainment, music, mini-games, a three-point contest, and free throw competition added to the allure of the event.

The event was supported by teachers, staff members, and dorm parents who volunteered to be referees. Their role in helping the event run smoothly cannot be overlooked.

Overall the tournament was a complete success that exceeded all expectations. Mr. Cerbarano was pleasantly surprised that many student spectators came to the tournament to support their friends who were playing. This added to the positive and fun environment of the tournament. Lastly, I want to congratulate all the winners of this major event, Sebastian Uribe Munera, Horacio Ornelas Ramirez, and Guilherme Sousa Pires beating the runners up Weir (Wenzheng) Zhu, Ross (Ganghun) Kwon, and Lo Tsz Fung. Ultimately, the whole CATS Academy community deserves credit for being supportive of this wonderful event.

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