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College Application Process

By: Maya Stoilova

Seniors talk a lot when we are in the cafeteria, often about college. The soon approaching deadlines are causing many seniors to become impatient about waiting to send their applications to their dream colleges.  Meanwhile, juniors are beginning to write their first college essays. In order to help them, here is some advice:

  • DO think about your career goals before you start researching, applying, or writing.
  • DON’T wait until late November in your senior year to start caring about college!
  • DO ask yourself the questions “What school do I want to attend? Where should it be? What do I want to study? What will my essay be about?”
  • DON’T just apply to the popular and trendy schools. There are many other excellent schools that you probably haven’t heard of.
  • DO go and ask for help in the college counseling office (and, in case you also have an agent, make sure to keep your college counselor and your agent in touch).
  • DON’T miss the deadlines!
  • DO show your real self in the application (and remember – if you don’t get in, then the school probably wasn’t the right fit for you).
  • DON’T try to present yourself as a completely different person when writing your essay. Remember to speak (in this case – write) from the heart.
  • DO make your college application process an adventure (travel, visit, see).
  • DON’T overwork yourself.
  • DO get rest, enjoy Boston and your last year in high school!

CATS Food Waste Challenge

By: Maria Monterio Attie and Nicholas Mikellides

Food waste is a very serious global issue that happens all over the globe. After witnessing the food waste issue in the CATS Boston dining hall, it became quite apparent that the United States is one of the most wasteful countries in regards to food.  When our teacher, Mr. Walecka, assigned us a Contemporary Issues project to raise awareness of about a global issue our topic was obvious. We chose to tackle the food waste issue at CATS and make students, faculty, and staff more conscious about this serious issue.

How did you decide to raise awareness for this issue?

In order to raise awareness, we concluded that the best option would be to show to the community at CATS how much food we actually waste. Once we received the support of Mr. Angell, Mr. Pendley, and the Aramark team, we created the idea to weigh the food waste from CATS for a two week stretch. The first week we decided the students would not be aware of the project, whereas the second week we would make students aware. We ended up discovering that we waste around 675 pounds of food in five days. We then compiled this information and create a video to put on the advisory homeroom announcements. After displaying the results, we started a campaign to create as little food waste as possible for another five days.

What were the results of the campaign?

Unfortunately, the results were not as good as we expected. The CATS community wasted 670 pounds of food during the second five day food challenge span. There was only a difference of a mere five pounds.

Why did the results not change?

After analyzing the unfortunate results, we started wondering why the waste continued to be practically the same. After talking to some of the students and teachers, we concluded that the waste continued the same due to the lack of community serious towards the issue and because some people were not “used to” the cafeteria food.
What can the CATS community do to solve this issue?

The CATS community could be more conscious about what they are wasting and why they are wasting the food in the first place. After this presentation, we could talk to the cafeteria and propose recipes and cooking styles many of our students are used to eating. Our final solution would be to have a house competition and whoever wastes the least amount of food would win house points.


Finally, it is our conclusion that the CATS community contributes greatly to the problem of food waste. It is really important for us to initiate change amongst all of our international students from all over the world. If people here become more conscious of this serious issue, they will, hopefully, spread this idea to different countries and help create less food waste.

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Scholars Visit Berkshires

By: Maya Stoilova

Two weeks ago, Mr. O’ Donnell and the Scholars Program, visited MASS MoCA and Williams College. “That was an amazing experience,” said a student when we left the prestigious museum. The museum was full of contemporary art, which helped elicit feelings of emotions and creativity. Many of the talented art students from our scholar group felt inspired. The trip also included a powerful experience to Williams College. Mr. O’Donnell didn’t forget to remind us to work hard and apply there (for all seniors – Williams College turns out to be just as good a BU and NYU). Overall, we spent a lovely day in the company of our dear friends surrounded by the beauty of nature and art.

Thanksgiving Break at CATS

By: Livia Qeli

With Halloween season ending, November and Thanksgiving have arrived! Thanksgiving is an American holiday that was originally celebrated to give thanks for a successful harvest. Nowadays it has become a tradition which all American families celebrate each year by having a plentiful Thanksgiving dinner.

Many CATS students are choosing to leave school or explore America for the four golden days of break, but many students chose to stay on campus. If you are choosing to stay on campus, do not fear, as you will be able to experience a classic Thanksgiving dinner on November 24 right here. There will be turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce galore provided by the school. As we will have a long break, here are a few ideas of things you can do here on campus:

  1. Catch up on sleep: you’ve had 3 long months of school with few breaks and plenty of homework. This is your time to wind down and chill out. Forget about exams and rejoice in the warmth of your blanket.
  2. Have a movies night in your dorm or a sing along: what is better than watching movies with your friends and some warm buttered popcorn while it’s cold outside? Pretty much nothing compares.
  3. Sign out to see Boston. The city will be busy with people, many sights to see and Thanksgiving themed activities.

Have fun, be responsible but most important don’t forget to be thankful!

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