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Dorm Life at CATS Boston

By: Sasha Chernysehva

Dorm life is a unique experience that only boarding students can have. There is a prevalent opinion that dorm life is humdrum and doesn’t carry much weight in the context of one’s boarding experience. However, this is an indisputable underestimation, it may well be one’s favorite part. Dorm life is certainly important and deserves notice. Here’s the overview of my experience with CATS dorm life.

My social life in CATS began in the dorm. When I came here last year, I was very anxious about merging in to a completely new community. However, soon I realized that the dorm environment was more than welcoming, and shortly I felt really comfortable with meeting new people and making new friends. There were times when we all gathered together in the lounge, to watch movies on Netflix, listen to music, cook food, or just talk. These simple things create the warm and cozy environment that helped me join the CATS community in my first year.

Both of my dorm parents, during the first two years, were very involved in my life. In my home country, it would be my parents who would provide assistance if I had concerns about teachers, grades, or my personal life.   Here at CATS, my dorm parents are very involved, caring and work hard every day to create a welcoming community on the floor. For example, my dorm parent makes hot pots for everybody on the floor.  Other dorm parents have done things like organize a karaoke night or make Sunday breakfast for the floor.  They are always looking for new and creative things to do.

Holidays in dorms are always celebrated. On Halloween and Thanksgiving, all of the dorms were adorned with festive decorations; and although, we were not here for Christmas, an effort was made to illuminate our dorms, celebrate with food and Secret Santa presents were given on the night before we left. The Gardner House recently had a Valentine’s Party on February 14; they distributed valentines and little presents, had food and music, and celebrated the holiday with hugs. Many of the students dressed in costume or wore red for the occasion.

Dorm life at CATS is a big part of the school experience, if classes are not the best part of your day, dorm life certainly may be.


Cultural Fair Highlights: A Call for Global Unity

By: Alice Nguyen

The Culture Fair could be just like any other school event which occurs during assembly time, but it is not. It is like an artwork: there are those who work on it for days, and those who enjoy it in a fleetingly quick timeframe. Even though it only lasted two hours, it was worth it!

Tremendous effort was put into the preparation for the Culture Fair, thanks to Ms. Carroll, her organizing team, countless students, and staff members. The result was a dazzling success. Musical acts such as the iconic Russian song “Katyusha” and the Brazilian “Dona Maria” group dance generated plenty of laughter and excitement—a perfect opening for more fun to come. A guest dance group performed some African dances along with the many students who joined them on stage. The fashion show featured elaborate costumes from around the world, including Korean hanbok, Vietnamese ao dai, a Japanese kimono, and many others. The highlight of the fair, as always, was the amazing food: Vietnamese cha gio, Russian boortsog, Philippine lumpia, Moroccan tea, Canadian pancakes, Mexican tacos, Albanian baklava, Brazilian coxinha, Taiwanese bubble tea, Chinese noodles, Korean pancakes, Japanese candies, Bulgarian snacks, American cookies, and Italian pasta.

As one of the organizers of the fair, my hope is that it was more than just an event to you, as it was for me. I can still recall quite vividly standing amidst a sea of indistinct chatter of languages, in a room that felt like a mini cut out version of the world. Visiting a booth was like traveling to a different country where I was immediately welcomed. Indeed, the fair’s significance surpassed the parameters of our school community alone. Here are the young generations of Morocco, Vietnam, Korea, Italy, Albania, Taiwan, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbek, Japan, China, Brazil, Philippines, Bulgaria, Canada, America—all united, unafraid to open our doors and welcome others. There are the differences we have, the history we do not share, the languages we cannot comprehend, and they all are beautiful together. The fair, as I experienced it, was a call for global unity, open barriers, and universal acceptance of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, and cultures.

Four Ways to Enjoy A Restful Spring Break

By: Howard Ng

Spring Break is coming!!! As usual, we count down to break as if was a winning lottery ticket. Most students crave an increased amount of sleep, relaxation, and rest for the 22 days of break.  Then we will all come back to complete the final two months of the school year. I would like to propose four meaningful ways you can efficiently use those 22 days of spring break and not waste a single day.

  1. Actually Relax:

Over the break, don’t just stay in your room and stare at a screen and eat junk food for a whole day. A great and meaningful way to relax is by going to the beach and enjoying the sun if you desire, or you can simply enjoy a tranquil afternoon picnic with your family at a park. If these things do not tempt you enough, you can simply have a serene day fishing at a lake, where you can clear your mind, indulge yourself in the amazing scenery and hopefully catch something for lunch.

  1. Adventure and Explore:

There are many ways to enjoy the break in the wild. Spending a few days, getting your hands dirty and exploring nature can be exhilarating, delightful and memorable. Take camping for example, it is nice to have the scents of nature around you, to build a campfire and cook a simple but tasty meal in the outdoors. At night you can relax listening to the crickets singing at night. Camping is also very empowering because it helps you build survival skills and is a great way to be unplugged.


During the spring break, a great way to spend a day or two is to get active by volunteering for a local community organization where you live.  When you make a difference in the lives of others I believe you will find happiness in giving. You can also gain valuable life experience that will help you in the future and enhance your resume.  You can gain new skills and training and learn how to work in teams with others towards a common goal.

  1. “Play Scholar”

After the break, we will all return to school and you could take the opportunity to get ahead during the break.  You can “Play Scholar” and complete assignments given to you before break by your teachers which are due after we come back.   You have the assignment and know exactly what to do, so get it all done and then relax!  In this way you will make your return to school so much easier.

Book Club Goes to Harvard

By: Maya Stoilova

The moonlight was reflected in the beautiful academic buildings of Harvard University. We, the book lovers, were there, in front of an old auditorium, for one simple reason – to hear Angie Thomas talk about her book, The Hate U Give.  The book touched the hearts of many young readers through its open discussion of racism and discrimination in the United States. But, who is Angie Thomas? Why were young high school students and people from all around the world so impatient to hear her talk that evening? And, why were there so many people waiting for a ticket, even though the event was sold out, in front of the large old auditorium? Everyone was simply anticipating Angie’s arrival – waiting to hear what drove her to write about the the relations between people and the hate they give.

Angie was on stage ten minutes after her arrival. Once she was there, the whole auditorium exploded in  a loud round of applause. Everyone present appeared to be excited to hear her story. They wished to learn the ways in which she managed to fight inequality and discrimination while staying true to her opinions. Her life story directly reflects in the story of the young girl she wrote about. The young girl who hated the discrimination and racism she saw. She  was not afraid to raise her voice and show people that prejudice is simply deceiving, unnatural, and truly destructive. Angie’s novel made all these issues, the issues of racial segregation, discrimination, and inequality turn from something that we had only heard of in the news to something we could feel through the events the characters in her book went through.

This trip left all six of us speechless, yet, with so much to say. Once we had left the auditorium and gotten back to the car, we could not stop talking about what we had heard. Were all these things really happening? In our book club meeting on Tuesday, we simply could not concentrate on the book. Instead of discussing the characters of Chris and Maya, we simply asked each other questions. Had we experienced discrimination in our own lives? Were our experiences formed by our skin color and the shape of our eyes? Or was because of the part of town we came from? Had we ever discriminated against someone just because of biases we had? Were we ready to listen to other people’s stories without judging them? Were we going to help a person who was being bullied and put in an inferior position? Were we ready to become an Angie ourselves?

Mr. Angell Full Video Interview

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Intrepid Elegance Fashion Show

By: Tang Thu Ha Ngo (Jessica)

Fashion Shows performed by students at CATS Academy have become a very important part of our school culture.

As I’m writing this, the anticipation and excitement I felt at the Intrepid Elegance CATS Fashion Show which happened at the beginning of holidays has not gone away. This event was very entertaining and was the culmination of 3 months of hard work for the students and teachers involved from fashion department, Dr. Napior’s Technology Club and Mr. Lewan’s music class

Students Enjoy Trip to Celtics Game

By: Helena Fauvel and Kellyn DuBois

On Sunday, January 21, CATS Academy led students on an organized trip to watch a  professional basketball game played by the Boston Celtics against the Orlando Magic. The game took place in the Celtics arena, the TD Garden. The stadium was filled with many shades of green, a vibrant video board, and the lively roar of the crowd. When the Celtics entered the arena, heavy applause thundered from the crowd.

CATS’ students enjoyed watching the incredible Boston Celtic with players including, Kyrie Irving, who could be considered the most skilled player of the NBA today. He scored 40 points during the game against the fierce Orlando Magic defense. Other players, such as Jaylen Brown and Marcus Morris, had great performances and scored 17 and 12 points respectively.

All of the CATS students, seemed to enjoy the entire Celtics NBA experience. We thought the food was very good and noticed that you can buy a lot of souvenirs at the game such as hoodies, t-shirts and other memorabilia. Senior, Ross Kwon, praised the experience by stating, “ I would definitely recommend CATS students to go to the basketball game with the school – especially if your a basketball player, because you can learn a lot from the NBA professional  players.” He then added, “For me it was a huge honor  to be able to see a game like that. Even if you don’t play you can feel the spirit of a real professional game and that is really nice ”.

Another part of our trip to the Celtics that deserves to be highlighted were the small breaks that occurred during the game.  We enjoyed watching the entertainment such as children dancing and the Celtics cheerleader.  Even the bus trip was fun with our fellow CATS friends. I can assure you that even if you do not like basketball you surely will have a good time with your fellow students and enjoy seeing the Celtics if you have an opportunity to do so.


Metamorphoses Shines!!

By: Anastasia Dvoryanchikova

When you hear the word “metamorphoses”, what comes to your mind? It refers to a transformation of a physical shape or a character. We might think of a cocoon becoming a butterfly; a structural transformation of rocks into minerals; or a long-term evolution of the human mentality. The concept of change is explored in the play Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman, which was staged at our school in December, 2017 by art teacher Nathaniel Punches.

The play is a compilation of Greek Mythologies devoted to love, and explores how challenges can change one’s character. What made the play unique was the stage itself, which was a pool full of water. This unique CATS staff designed set was used as a figurative interpretation of the play’s mood, which mainly focused on the process of undergoing changes, and to make both verbal, and visual connections with the audience. Splashes of water projected an emotional intensity in the scene; a still surface with the lights reflecting in it gave a calm feeling and highlighted the anticipation before every scene.

Being a part of the production was  a memorable experience for the entire cast and crew. We built the play line by line, from one rehearsal to the next together. The technology group gave color and shape to each character; the cast breathed life into them; the band projected the character’s feelings and emotions with music, and our director brought all the pieces together magnificently. Metamorphoses is about change and transformation, and I was certainly changed by my participation in this production.  My hope is that our audiences left the performance changed as well.

CATS-MIT Outreach Fosters Love of Science

By: Uljad Berdica

On Monday, December 4, 2017, CATS Academy Boston joined a selected group of schools in the nation to participate in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Outreach Program.

Through the vision and persistence of our AP Chemistry teacher, Dr.Gholamreza Namin, and the support of the science department, the proper arrangements were made for the PhD students at the Chemical Engineering Department of MIT to give a presentation featuring complex theories and experiments relating to AP Chemistry and the university’s curriculum. The AP Chemistry class and interested CATS students went on to participate in laboratory experiments and write reports on the chemical phenomena discussed.

The presentation was followed by a lunch with the PhD students from MIT to chat about life at a top tier institute of technology and the vast array of possibilities that the pursuit of science, technology, math and engineering degrees are associated with. We understood that in science, as in every other discipline, hard work, creativity, and vision always pay off. The two PhD students were impressed with our school, the faculty, and the scientific background of CATS students.

This event will kick off a series of presentations, workshops and competitions organized by the Math Club under the leadership of Dr. Namin. We will keep you updated!

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